Wedding bells are ringing for The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist! After getting engaged during the Bachelor spinoff’s finale on Thursday, November 30, the couple revealed their sweet plans for their wedding in January.

Theresa, 70, revealed in an interview with People published on Friday, December 1, that their daughters have gotten “so involved” in planning the nuptials.

“My daughter, she’s seen a million weddings and she is incredible. She’s put together the vision board,” the Golden Bachelor winner said. “She’s asking me, ‘Do you like this? Do you like this?’ And I go, ‘Wow, okay, I don’t even have to do this. This is awesome.’ She’s handling it pretty much.”

Theresa shared daughter Jen Woolston and son Tommy Nist with husband William “Bill” Nist, whom she was married to for 42 years before his death in 2014. Meanwhile, Gerry, 72, shared daughters Angie Wagner and Jenny Young with wife Toni, who died in 2017. They were married for 43 years. The wedding will be a family affair, as Theresa’s daughter will serve as her maid of honor, and Gerry’s sons-in-law will be his best men. There are also plans for Gerry and Theresa’s grandchildren to be involved.

“She is so thrilled!” Theresa said of Jen. “All of my six grandsons will be involved and we want to have Henry as the ring bearer. And we’re going to have my sisters — they don’t know this — as flower girls. They’re older. They should be thrilled with that.”

Theresa also revealed that Gerry wants to wear a blue suit in the wedding. As for her dress and veils, the financial services worker has ideas, but she kept them to herself. Theresa has thoughts about the cake and flowers, too. She even wants choreographed dance with a “certain band” they’re trying to get. Though some of her ideas couldn’t pan out because of the location, Theresa promised the new plans would be “just as spectacular.”

Gerry engaged
Disney/John Fleenor


As for Gerry, he’s just happy to see his fiancée having a blast with planning.

“I can just hear the joy in her voice when I talk to her and she’s talking about whether it’s a dress or a cake or flowers or whatever it is,” he told the publication. “It makes me so happy that she’s having this much of a good time with it. It’s like, what could be more fun?”

Gerry got down on one knee to propose to Theresa after a heartbreaking end to his relationship with runner-up Leslie Fhima during the Golden Bachelor finale. The retired restaurateur previously admitted during the November 16 episode that he had strong feelings for both women.

“Right now, I’m dying inside. I’m in love with both of them, and in each case I’ve told them, ‘I love you,’” he said. “With each of them I can see a life together. Life with Leslie would be a very exciting life. She’s adventurous. She looks out for me and I look out for her. But Theresa and I have this bond. We know what the other person is feeling. We know what they’ve been through.”

Though he knew that Leslie, 64, would be hurt by his decision, Gerry ultimately chose Theresa as the winner. In addition to revealing their engagement, the couple announced that their nuptials would be aired live during a special in the new year.

Fans can watch The Golden Wedding on January 4, 2024, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.