The Weirdest Bachelor Nation Contestant Jobs Include ‘Amateur Sex Coach’ and ‘Free Spirit’

There have been some seriously weird contestant jobs on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. From amateur sex coach to free spirit, chicken enthusiast, Bachelor superfan, queen and more, some career descriptions have fans scratching their heads. 

It turns out, Bachelor producers want the jobs to be memorable and leave an impression, which is why they sometimes select something outside the box. 

“The idea is for the viewer to quickly get a sense of who this person is by glancing at what we call the lower-third chyron. And oftentimes their occupation will do that — ‘dentist,’ for example, or ‘weatherman.’ However, so many traditional monikers have been replaced with terms like ‘consultant’ and ‘sales director.’ What do these even mean, really?” an anonymous producer previously told Entertainment Weekly in 2018. “So, we decided a few years back to make an effort to not just be satisfied with ‘consultants’ and ‘entrepreneurs.’”

Matt James’ contestant Kit Keenan has her own fashion company and is a student at New York University, but her job was “socialite” during season 25. Similarly, Haley and Emily Ferguson were coined as professional “twins” while competing on Ben Higgins’ season. Believe it or not, there is a logical reason for the unrealistic job titles.

Haley Emily Ferguson Twins Job Title Bachelor Weird Jobs

“[In those cases], who they are is defined less by [how] they make a living and more by some other dominant trait. Haley and Emily … are a good example. They were working in a club as bottle servers/cocktail waitresses, and while this is an occupation that people can easily digest, it didn’t seem to identify them. They were twins before anything else, and thus, they were both ‘twin’ on the show,” the producer explained.

Although the producer said at the time it’s “rare” for a contestant to criticize what the show comes up with for their employment, Kit, whose mom is fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, was open about her disappointment with her job title.

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“I was so mad about [my original title on the show]. I felt that it completely diminished my accomplishments,” she told Us Weekly. “I’m a senior at NYU right now. I’m studying fashion and business. I have been a small business owner since my freshman year of college. I host a podcast biweekly with my mom. I host and edit it myself.”

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