Fans fell in love with Gerry Turner and his contestants during the debut season of The Golden Bachelor. Following the first season’s success, Life & Style can exclusively confirm that the latest Bachelor Nation show is coming back for season 2.

Will ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Return for Season 2?

“The Golden Bachelor will be returning with a new bachelor,” a source exclusively tells Life & Style.

The insider adds that the spinoff has put the Bachelor franchise “back on the map.”

However, Theresa Nist, the winner of season 1, reportedly told her hairstylist details of a potential upcoming season.

“There was talk about maybe having another bachelor with the same [group of] women,” the hairstylist, Lisa, told The U.S. Sun on December 7.

She went on to say that, according to Theresa, this is because the women who starred in The Golden Bachelor season 1 had developed “such great fan bases” that producers were considering giving the ladies another shot at love.

Lisa added, “I don’t know if that’s going to happen or anything, but that’s how popular they all became.”

What Is ‘The Golden Bachelor’ About?

Season 1 of The Golden Bachelor was announced in May 2023. “After more than 20 years of fostering young love on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, The Golden Bachelor showcases a whole new kind of love story — one for the golden years,” ABC announced in a press release.

Gerry made history as the first Golden Bachelor, while 22 women were cast to be contestants as they competed for his heart.

Who Will Be the Leading Man on Season 2 of ‘The Golden Bachelor’?

While the upcoming season has been confirmed, the network has not announced who the leading man will be or the ladies that will be vying for his heart.

Will There Be a ‘Golden Bachelorette’?

Fans have loved watching an older demographic find love on TV, and viewers have expressed interest in watching the roles be reversed on The Golden Bachelorette.

Not only are fans begging for a female-centered spinoff, but host Jesse Palmer also fully supports the idea. Jesse exclusively told Life & Style that the decision is “out of [his] paygrade,” though he thinks it “would be great.”

“From Gerry’s season, there are a lot of very good candidates. Everyone is just trying to digest The Golden Bachelor — but who knows, maybe Golden Paradise at a retirement community in Naples, Florida,” the host continued. “I’m all for it.”

‘The Golden Bachelor’ Will Return for Season 2 After Putting Franchise ‘Back on the Map’

Jesse then admitted he didn’t know how the show would be perceived before it aired. “I thought, ‘How is this going to look? Are they taking naps at rose ceremonies? Are there going to be Fantasy Suites?’” he shared. “[The cast] was incredible. Normally on night one, you pull up to the mansion, the Bachelor is waiting for you, your brains fall out. These women got out of the limo and owned the place. They partied until 8 a.m. And they brought that same energy everyday.”

Gerry has also weighed in on if there should be a spinoff and was supportive of the idea.

“I have no say in it, just to be clear, but I think it would be exciting because it’s going to continue the theme that we’ve started of being hopeful and being visible at our age,” Gerry told People in November. “So hopefully it happens.”

However, Gerry couldn’t confidently say which of the women he dated on the show should be cast as the leading lady. “There’s 22 women that stand out. I absolutely would not be able to single one out,” he said. “Each one of them has a certain personality that would make a show interesting and charm, and they’re all intelligent, so there’s no bad choice.”