This “old-fashioned romantic” made a name for himself during The Bachelorette season 19! While Zach Shallcross didn’t steal ‘s heart in the end, he did make an impression on Bachelor Nation, so much so that he is The Bachelor‘s leading man for season 27. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Zach, including his job, family and more. 

Where Is Zach Shallcross From?

The 26 year old is from Anaheim Hills, California, according to his official bio on the ABC website, and he’s a total momma’s boy! Not only does his bio reveal that he “loves his mama, his dogs and football,” but Zach appears to have “more love to go around.” Though Gabby and Rachel didn’t find love with Zach, 30 new women will be vying for his heart in season 27!

His LinkedIn page revealed that he has a degree in business administration from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, where he played Division 1 football for five years. However, that’s not the only sport Zach plays. The leading man is a big fan of beach volleyball, perfect for those California summers.

Zach Shallcross Bachelor
ABC/Nino Muñoz

What Is Zach Shallcross’ Job?

According to LinkedIn, Zach currently works as a Senior Cloud Technology Sales Executive at Oracle. But other than his career, “Zach would love to be Spiderman for a day.”

When it comes to his personality, the ABC star is “charismatic, personable and has a huge heart that he is so ready to share forever with the right woman.”

Who Is Zach Shallcross’ Uncle?

When Zach took Rachel home for the coveted hometown date, fans were surprised to learn that his uncle is none other than Patrick Warburton, the beloved voice actor known for his work in SeinfeldFamily Guy and as the voice of Kronk in The Emperor’s New Groove. Zach’s mom, Megan, is Patrick’s sister and as such was keen to meet Zach’s then-leading lady. Hopefully viewers will get to see more of Zach’s fun family during his season of The Bachelor!

Zach Shallcross Is the Latest ‘Bachelor’ Lead

Zach went home following his fantasy suite date with Rachel, calling the experience “inauthentic.”

“I was more than ready to get on one knee. The Rachel that I was falling in love with, I trusted her enough at least to show me her real self and I don’t think I got that. And I still don’t know why or how,” he said. “What was that Rachel I was getting? That’s the biggest concern to me,” Zach concluded, telling cameras that he thought the pilot was “putting on a front.”

After his elimination, fans started rallying around Zach, hoping that he will be named the new Bachelor star. He was officially announced as the new leading man during After the Final Rose episode on September 20, 2022.

“There’s no words,” he gushed about being chosen for the experience. “This is pretty incredible.”

His Bachelorette bio revealed that Zach is looking for a woman who is “compassionate, kind and ready for romance because Zach is excited to lay it on thick.” Hopefully, fans will get to continue to see this side of him during his potential Bachelor reign.

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