Yeezy: Mama edition! Comedian Amy Schumer took to her Instagram Stories to tell Kim Kardashian she was ready, willing and able to walk in the next Yeezy runway show for Kim’s husband, Kanye West.

“@kimkardashian @skims I’m here and I will walk the runway,” the 38-year-old wrote over a photo of herself in a white long-sleeved bodysuit and skin-colored shapewear shorts. She also wrote “YEEZY” over the ‘fit. Not for nothing, we think she’d fit right in.


To be honest, we’d really love to see the Trainwreck star strutting her stuff on the runway for the rapper’s now-iconic brand. Considering how much Amy has gone through as a new mama, it would be a cool milestone for the trendy label. In fact, the comic got real about her journey with In Vitro fertilization in February.

“Hey! So IVF went like this for us,” the blonde beauty captioned an Instagram selfie at the time. “They retrieved 35 eggs from me. Not bad for the old gal right? Then 26 fertilized! Whoa, right? For all of those we got [one] normal embryo from that and [two] low-level mosaic (mosaic means there are some abnormal cells but can still lead to a healthy baby). So we feel lucky we got [one]! But what a drop-off, right?”

The coolest part was that Amy found a lot of support within the fertility process through her fanbase. “Anyway, I have so appreciated everyone sharing their IVF stories with me. They made me feel empowered and supported,” she continued. “So I wanted to tell you how mine went down. So many women go through many rounds of IVF which is painful and mentally grueling.”

Plus, the proud mama just had to shout out her infant son, Gene, whom she shares with husband Chris Fischer. “Anyway, I am so grateful for our son and that we have the resources to get help in this way,” she concluded. “I just wanted to share and send love and strength to all of the warrior women who go through this process.”

Amy let the world know she was planning on freezing her eggs in order to “give Gene a sibling” one day in the future with her chef hubby, 40, in January. The sweet couple welcomed their first child together in May 2019. Good luck on that Yeezy contract, babe!