The sweetest family! Bachelor alum Lauren Lane (née Bushnell) “fell more in love” with husband Chris Lane after they welcomed their son, Dutton, she exclusively told Life & Style while revealing their plans to have baby No. 2 “sooner than later.”

“I don’t think it’s like too distant,” the reality star, 32, said about the timeline of having a second child in May 2022, while teaming up with Wyndham to thank flight attendants by gifting weekend getaways for International Flight Attendant Day. “I think we want our kids to be close together.” 

Just one month later, Lauren announced she was pregnant and expecting baby No. 2 with the “Big, Big Plans” singer. “Party of 4, coming October 2022,” Lauren captioned her Instagram post. “I cannot wait to see you as a big brother, Dutty!” They welcomed son Baker Weston on October 16, 2022.

Keep reading for for updates on their relationship. 

Are Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane Still Together?

Lauren and Chris started dating in early 2019 after she appeared on season 20 of The Bachelor. During her time on the reality dating show, she got engaged to Ben Higgins, but they split in 2017 after nearly two years together. 

However, she found her happily ever after and married the “Hold You Tight” artist in October 2019, and Lauren gave birth to Dutton two years later in June 2021. They welcomed their second son, Baker, in October 2022. 

How Many Kids Do Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane Want?

The former flight attendant explained their family plans have a lot to do with the fact that Chris has a twin brother and she has three siblings, who are all about two years apart. In fact, her sister Mollie is a flight attendant herself. 

“I definitely think that we want that for Dutton if we’re able to, hopefully,” she added about giving their sweet son a sibling. “That’s the plan. So, sooner than later I shall say.”

Are Bachelor's Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane Still Together? 
Lauren Lane/Instagram

As far as how big they want their brood to be, the Portland native has had her heart set on having three kids for a long time. “Anytime I was asked growing up, I always said three, and I still feel like maybe three,” Lauren said. “Like there’s a reason why just innately I’ve always wanted three. Chris is … like, ‘No, no, no. We’re not having three.’ But I feel like maybe I could talk him into a third, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

Lauren “loves” being a boy mom and would “be so happy” if she ended up with a family of guys, but she still hopes to possibly have a little girl. 

Through their parenting journey, Lauren gushed that she “fell more in love” with the country music singer. “I didn’t think [that] was possible,” she added.

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“He is so hands-on. Dutton loves hanging out with him,” she said. “He just is such a great dad and really prioritizes his family, even with a job that can be a little bit crazy and take him away from our home quite often with touring and stuff. He still manages to prioritize us. I never feel like we’re second fiddle at all.”