There is some major flirting happening in Bachelor Nation and we’re here for it. Queen of the Bachelor franchise Kaitlyn Bristowe and former Bachelorette contestant Jason Tartick seem very into each other on Instagram and fans are already shipping it. Kaitlyn and Shawn Booth split in October and it looks like she’s ready to get back out there.

After weeks of flirting on social media, Jason has officially asked Kaitlyn out on a date. He appeared on the reality star’s podcast, Off the Vine, on Jan. 8 when she quipped, “Jason, are you finally going to ask me on a date?” We stan a confident queen.

“You’re making me blush over here Kaitlyn,” Jason replied. We’re not sure how he always manages to be so charming. “I mean if we’re both going to be in the same city at the same time I see no reason why we shouldn’t go to dinner or grab drinks.”

Of course, Kaitlyn accepted his offer to which he replied, “My heart is racing over here, my beats per minute are off the chain.” Just in case you were worried, the brunette beauty warned him, “Don’t f—k it up.”

In December, Jason posted a photo of himself, Colton Underwood, and Blake Horstmann in Vegas teasing that they were “celebrating something.” Kaitlyn commented, “You can tell you’re with Colton because your pics are edited and cropped properly.” Since they appear at tons of events together, it’s not surprising Kaitlyn and Colton would be on friendly terms with each other. “I’m here to help,” Colton quipped back in the comments.

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Celebrating something…

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“He needs you. It’s also confusing that he isn’t in a blazer. Is that your doing too? Thank you,” Kaitlyn said referring to Jason. In her defense, he does wear a blazer, like, all the time. This is where things took a flirtatious turn.

Bachelor Kaitlyn Bristowe Jason Tartick flirting on Instagram

Jason called Kaitlyn out and asked if she was flirting with him. She admitted, “My flirt game is passive aggressive. So maybe.” Okurrr, we see you two!

Bachelor Kaitlyn Bristowe Jason Tartick flirting on Instagram

Jason was definitely into it because he responded that he “just died and went to heaven.” As expected, fans went nuts for the pair’s flirty vibes. “[Jason] is the sweetest. I bless this union,” one person commented. Another fan begged, “I’m dying please be together!!”

“I am now officially emotionally invested,” one person said, which sums up what we’re all thinking, TBH. Another user jumped in, “I am embarrassing how much I am shipping these two, but I don’t care [Kaitlyn] and [Jason] forever.” 

Even Blake had a little fun in the comments. The former contestant said, “Oh, so we goin’ big, eh? I [eyeball emoji] you [Kaitlyn] & [Jason] or should I say ‘Jaitlyn.'” We’re pretty sure he’s joking but we’re totally stealing this couple name.

Is Jaitlyn here to stay? We’ll have to keep our eyes on the Instagram comments.

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