Honesty hour. Bachelor contestant Victoria Paul opened up to Peter Weber about growing up with her mom’s struggle with addiction. The former beauty queen revealed how tough she and her sister had it, and at times, didn’t know where their next meal would come from. The conversation really brought her closer with the leading man and she quickly became a frontrunner.

“My mom really struggled and I really had to be the rock for her and my sister. I didn’t know if my sister and I would have food,” the former Miss Louisiana explained during her one-on-one date with the pilot. “I dreamed a lot of dreams, and one of my dreams was to get out of that place and get a house and to have like a happy and healthy life.”

Victoria P and Peter Weber one on one date

Victoria’s tough life has helped her become who she is today, but things have gotten better. “Victoria lost her father at a young age and both her mother and sister struggled with drug addiction,” her ABC bio reads. “Victoria grew up fast and, as of three years ago, her mother and sister are now both sober and have a stronger family bond than ever before.”

She noted that her troubled upbringing could be part of the reason that she’s still single. “I think it’s affected my relationships sometimes because I don’t think I’m deserving of someone,” she continued while noting how amazing Peter seems. “I’m just so grateful because you’ve shown me the kind of love I deserve. I was so scared to have this conversation … because I know you’ve had a heavy week. … I just didn’t know I was so worthy of this.”

The leading man was extremely receptive of the blonde beauty’s tough life and the pair bonded over her revelation. Fans were also smitten over the vulnerable contestant.

“In the midst of this Kelsey vs. Hannah Ann Civil War, can we just all agree that Victoria P. is beautiful woman inside and out who deserves the world???” one person tweeted. “Victoria P. is the purest, most wholesome fairy princess!!!” someone else added. “Pete and Victoria P. make one hell of a couple,” another user gushed.

We can’t wait to watch Victoria and Peter’s love story unfold.