Sounding off! Bachelorette Clare Crawley responded to haters calling her “fake” for talking about “self-love” on Tuesday, October 20, after receiving rude comments. 

“I wanted to — well, I don’t really want to address trolls — but I read some things from other women, which kind of breaks my heart for them. [It] doesn’t offend me, doesn’t affect me,” the season 16 star, 39, began on her Instagram Story. The leading lady looked cute and casual in a grey tank top and baseball cap while addressing her followers. 

Bachelorette Clare Crawley Reacts to Trolls Calling Her 'Fake'
ABC/Craig Sjodin

“I just feel, like, who are these women saying, ‘How dare she talk about self-love, it’s so fake,’ or this or that,” the Sacramento native continued. “All the negative stuff these women are putting out there saying, ‘She thinks so highly of herself’ and ‘How dare she do this’ or ‘How dare she have these high expectations.’ I don’t know, I kind of encourage you women [who] are saying that [to] look inward.” 

Clare has already set the precedent during her season of what she will and won’t put up with. She has pushed the contestants to open up, express themselves and step up if they want time with her. The hairstylist assured her social media followers that she is happy with who she’s become through the years. 

“I know what it’s like to feel really bad about myself,” Clare continued on Instagram. “To go through hard things, awful things, that I’ve never talked about still. But from what it takes to scrape myself off from that to self-love — Can you guys believe I have the audacity to have self-love? So when you say these things to me, it’s not offending me, it’s a compliment.”

Viewers watched Clare stand by what she’s been preaching all season during week 2. Although there was not a rose ceremony, she abruptly eliminated contestant Brandon Goss during a group date. 

“When I found out that you were the Bachelorette, I just knew I had to be here,” the 28-year-old contestant told her following their strip dodgeball game. However, when Clare asked why, he could only point to the fact that she’s “beautiful” and wasn’t able to think of any other traits. She eliminated him on the spot. 

“I know what I’m looking for. I’m here having in-depth, deep, heartfelt, sincere conversations … and Brandon can’t even think of one thing that he likes about me. Like why are you here?” Clare later explained about her decision.

Keep doing you! If you can’t wait to see how season 16 unfolds, see spoilers here.