Bachelorette's Jordan Bennett: 'Rooting for' Joe, Noah on 'BIP'
Craig Wishart

Cheering from afar! Bachelorette alum Bennett Jordan exclusively tells Life & Style who he’s “rooting for” this season of Bachelor in Paradise

“I really, really am rooting for all of them,” the season 16 contestant says while promoting his collaboration with luxury footwear brand Del Toro for his Sage Suede Milano Loafer

Bachelorette's Jordan Bennett: 'Rooting for' Joe, Noah on 'BIP'
Craig Wishart

However, the New Yorker notes he especially hopes his close friends from the franchise, including Dr. Joe ParkRiley Christian and Ed Waisbrot, find love while they’re on the beach. 

That being said, the wealth management consultant has buried the hatchet with Noah Erb, whom he butted heads with during Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ season. Bennett assures he doesn’t have “beef” or “animosity” toward anyone. 

“Noah and Abigail [Heringer], that would be an awesome couple [on Paradise]. I’d be super excited for them,” Bennett says. “I could see that. Honestly, I’ve met Abigail, and I could see there being some attraction there. If they’re attracted to each other, I could see some personalities matching, and they could be a really, really fun couple.” 

While he’s not sure if they would “go the distance,” the former contestant admits “you never know.”

Bennett was a fan favorite during season 16, and many fans were surprised when he wasn’t announced on the cast list for BIP. The Georgia native says his absence came down to a “timing thing.”

“I think it was a mutual decision that it just didn’t really make sense — both from the standpoint of the females that were apparently going as well as just the things I had going on from a business standpoint. I’m really busy with work,” explains Bennett, while adding he “believes” people can fall in love on the reality dating show. 

“From my experience, it has to make sense, though. And it has to position me for success,” he continues. “It probably just wasn’t the right fit for me at this time to go on Paradise … That wasn’t going to be the most fruitful usage of my time this summer.”

That’s not to say he will never appear in Bachelor Nation again. Bennett says he would “be open” to doing something else in the future. 

In the meantime, he’s been brainstorming his own Bachelor spinoff show where the lead goes on a “massive road trip” across the country, going on dates and traveling with potential contestants. “The idea is you get that quality time that you don’t get in The Bachelor or The Bachelorette to spend [with someone],” he explains.