Joey Graziadei and fiancée Kelsey Anderson solidified their relationship before he proposed to her during The Bachelor finale. The New Orleans beauty turned him into a Swiftie and they shared which Taylor Swift song connected them while filming.

“When we were in Malta, [Kelsey] said that there was a song when she was on the plane that always made her think of me and it was ‘Dress’ by Taylor Swift,” Joey, 28, told Maria Ciuffo and Francesca Mariano on the Wednesday, March 27, episode of the “Chicks in the Office” podcast.

As if the story couldn’t get any cuter, the tennis pro shared that he would “get one of the producers” ​and ask them to “play ‘Dress’ right now” when he was missing Kelsey, 25.

Kelsey added that she had to listen to ​whatever music was provided on that plane since the cast didn’t have possession over their cellphones, so she listened to “that song over and over again.”

“There was a lyric in that song and it was talking about, like, there could be a crowded room and it just feels like you ​two. And that’s why it really made me think of him,” Kelsey said.

the bachelors joey feared kelsey wouldnt accept proposal

On Monday, March 25, fans watched Joey choose his forever love ​over Daisy Kent. Although the Bachelorette alum had a deep connection with both women, he knew in his heart Kelsey was the one for him. The women arrived at the final rose ceremony together and Daisy, 25, who self-eliminated, went first. She told Joey that she knew he was going to choose Kelsey and gracefully said goodbye before embracing her costar at the car. After the pure exchange between the women, Kelsey walked to Joey and soon after became the future Mrs. Graziadei. One day after the finale aired, Joey revealed that he wasn’t sure if Kelsey was on the same page during the proposal.

“I think any guy, as soon as they get down on one knee, has that thought in the back of their head. Like, ‘Is she gonna say yes?’” Joey said on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. “I did think that for a second. But, yeah, we were in a good spot at that moment, so I felt good.”

Like the Bachelor Nation couples that came before them, Joey and Kelsey had to keep their relationship out of the public eye. Now that the big news is out, the couple has continued to pull on fans’ heartstrings with their social media posts.

On Tuesday, Kelsey shared a video of her and “pookie” Joey’s first ‘fit check via TikTok before they experienced their first public date as an engaged couple. The project assistant rocked a black pleated miniskirt, a tube top with a peek-a-boo bra, a denim blazer and thigh-high boots. As for Joey, he opted for a casual ensemble consisting of denim jeans, an oversized grey T-shirt, a cardigan and reading glasses.

“We’re excited!” Joey said at the end of the silly clip.