So unique! Ciara and her husband, Russell Wilson, revealed their son’s name after welcoming their second child together on Thursday, July 23— and their baby boy’s moniker has a special meaning.

Ciara and Russell named their little one Win Harrison Wilson. Win, of course, is defined as “being successful or victorious,” while Harrison pays homage to Ciara’s maiden name, Harris. 

In addition to the newborn, Ciara is mom to 3-year-old daughter Sienna, whom she welcomed with the NFL player in 2017. The Grammy award-winning artist is also mom to 6-year-old son Future Zahir Wilburn from her previous relationship with ex Future.

Ciara’s pregnancy with baby No. 3 was slightly different from the rest considering it happened during the coronavirus pandemic. The “Level Up” singer faced some special challenges because of the outbreak, including not being able to have her hubby accompany her to doctor visits.

Russell Wilson and Ciara
Matt Baron/Shutterstock

“When I got the news that Russ and I could not do our ultrasound together and he had to literally wait in the car, and we FaceTimed in the car and I was in the doctor’s office, that was, like, a really significant moment, I think, in all of this that really marked the time of where I am in my life as a pregnant woman,” Ciara told Entertainment Tonight in May. “I could not help but think about everything else.”

Despite the struggles, the mom of three focused on the bright side. “So Russ is going to be not only dad but the videographer and the photographer. He is going to be everything online,” she said at the time about Russ’ role in the delivery room. “But, you know, we are figuring it all out and I’m just really big on trying to find positivity in the mix of a moment that could be negative or feel heavy. I am always trying to find a way to get to that, so I have not been worried as much as I probably could have.”

Since most events were canceled, including football season, Russell has been spending extra time with Ciara and their little ones. Naturally, the musician is all for it.

“He’s stuck with me and I’m stuck with him,” she jokingly told the outlet. “But it’s amazing, and honestly, it’s not as abnormal for us. We never get time like this, you know. That’s just the way our schedules are designed. Even if I was staying at home, he’d be out doing football. So it’s a very, very sweet time and, you know, it’s sweet to have this time in the midst of it all.”

Thankfully, they get these special moments with Win now!