Waiting! Bachelor star Colton Underwood reveals exclusively to Life & Style that he and girlfriend Cassie Randolph are “not going to move in” together until marriage. “We have something to look forward to in our relationship and something that still excites us,” the reality stud explained while promoting his new book The First Time, now available for purchase. The two met during season 23 of the reality dating show.

That’s not to say the former leading man, 28, and California native, 24, aren’t progressing or seeing how their lives align. “Right now, it’s still interesting figuring out each other’s quirks and how she likes things a certain way. Obviously, when we’re around each other,” he continued. “We travel and spend enough time with each other that we sort of have a sense of what it’s going to be like, but yet, we’re really excited for when that day is going to come and we move in together.”

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Courtesy of Colton Underwood Instagram

The Bachelor Nation pair is still navigating their future, but Colton admits that he “100 percent” feels pressure to get engaged to the blonde beauty. “Especially early on for me,” he divulges. “You go back to talking about having to prove yourself. I felt like at every which way I turned, I felt like I was always defending our relationship. You know, like the Bachelor relationships aren’t real, or you guys are just doing it for fame or you’re not doing it for this. It got exhausting.” 

Luckily, Cassie was able to help Colton shake off the pressure. “It got to a point where it finally caught up to me because I felt like I was sitting there telling Cass, ‘Oh, we should get engaged’ or ‘We should do this soon,’” the former football player says. “When I took a step back, just to do it and go through the motions — and she wasn’t OK with that. I can’t thank her enough for standing her ground and standing up for what she believes in. We’re doing things our way and doing things one day at a time.”

For now, Colton and Cassie are happy with where they’re at in their relationship, and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead for them!