We’re WELL aware that Colton Underwood is heading into his season of The Bachelor as a virgin (and producers won’t let you forget it!) But will he still be able to say the same after the season is over? Of course, the premiere isn’t until Jan. 7, and the true answer is still being kept under wraps, but we’ve done some digging to find out how likely it is that Colton hasn’t “popped his cherry” yet, as one contestant so eloquently put it. Check out all of the contestants, right here!

Chris Harrison acknowledges that it’s a possibility.

If you’ve held onto your virginity until the age of 26, despite being an NFL football player (and let’s be honest, a total hottie), we wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t willing to even consider making love to one (or three) of the women you met just weeks earlier in the Fantasy Suites. However, Chris teased that sex wasn’t totally off the table when that time of the season rolled around.

The longtime host chatted with Ashley Iaconetti for Extra, and he admitted that there would be a lot of virgin jokes on Night One, but that it would taper off after that. “What about Fantasy Suites, do we address the issue again with Fantasy Suites?” Ashley asked. “Oh, of course,” said Chris. “Look, the best way to describe the virginity thing is that it is an arching story. There is the beginning where it’s kind of anecdotal, then you get to this revelation of why Colton is the way he is, and then you have the conclusion of… you know, is he still [a virgin]? And what happens in the Fantasy Suite?” That’s exactly what we want to know, Chris!

Colton himself gets teasy on social media.

Colton is certainly leaning into fans’ curiosity. He got back on social media last week, and one of the first things he posted was a photo at a game with his new boo. The confusing part? He hid her identity with a ~ pregnant ~ woman emoji. “Date night with my babe. She’s a little pixelated tonight, but I promise you that she has a great personality,” he wrote.

Fans quickly took this to mean he had sex (which, of course, he would need to do to get his girl pregnant). “Why the pregnant emoji and not just the woman emoji?!” asked one shook fan. “Guess he’s a virgin no longer!” said another. Colton responded on Twitter by writing, “You guys read into things wayyyy too much… can’t a guy just take his pregnant gal out on a date without speculation on his virginity? 🤷🏼‍♂️”

If he does have sex, it won’t be early on.

Obviously, Colton has already chosen his woman and filming is over, but before the Fantasy Suites in early November, Chris gave an update about Colton’s situation. “The V-card is still intact,” he told Extra.on Nov. 6. “Will it be in the next couple weeks? I don’t know. I think it will be put to the test.” Only time will tell if Chris’ suspicions were right!

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