You OK? Dancing With the Stars host Erin Andrews responded after being roasted on Twitter for her reaction after Bachelorette star Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten won season 28 during the finale on November 25. Viewers accused the reporter of being shady after claiming that she looked upset by the final vote.

“Give me a break. YOU CAN’T WIN IN THIS SITUATION,” the 41-year-old wrote in a tweet on November 26 after a fan said she “looked less than impressed” during the finale. “I’m standing next to the couple that just got second place. And if I had cheered, you’d be killing me for going against the [sic] Kel [Mitchell], Lauren [Alaina] and Ally [Brooke]. Not that serious people!”

ABC/Eric McCandless

The blonde beauty wasn’t done venting after more backlash came rolling in. “You don’t get it. In this day and age, we can’t say a thing,” she continued in a separate tweet. “You’ll get killed no matter what. I have to look dead into the camera bc people are threatening you don’t like a contestant. Sad, taken the fun out of it! Cheers!”

Erin wasn’t going to standby while Twitter demolished her — she went on a spree roasting the haters right back. Someone called her “unprofessional” because she went to stand by Kel and his partner, Witney Carson, when it was revealed that they weren’t the winners, and the Fox NFL host brought up the history of the show. “First time watching our finale?” she snapped back. “Go see our last [eight] seasons. Tom goes to the winner and I go [talk to] second place. Exact same thing.”

Erin Andrews Insists She Wasn't Shading Hannah Brown DWTS Victory

When a different user said she was taking her “anger out on the wrong person,” Erin wrote, “Not angry, baby girl. Just love going after trolls!”

“Can we just talk about the SHADE that is Erin Andrews’s [sic] reaction this win?! Like, y’all,” a separate tweet read. “Yes!! Plz [sic]!! Let’s talk abt [sic] it Paige,” the sports reporter reacted while calling the fan out by name. “Tell me where and what in this clip I was doing to be unprofessional. Plz [sic] tell me.” When someone suggested that the longtime host should “be replaced,” she quipped back, “You should take my place!”

Erin even brought up the drama when responding to a tweet from Alan himself. The dance pro praised his strong fan base and Erin added, “Happy for you! See!! What were all those tears about?”

Hmmm … she’s not angry, though, right? Until next season!