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Francesca Farago Is Open About Her Plastic Surgery Journey: See Before, After Photos

Reality star Francesca Farago is known to tell it like it is and isn’t afraid to talk about the harsh truth. The Too Hot to Handle alum has addressed hot topics since she entered the spotlight and that includes ongoing plastic surgery speculation!

Francesca was deemed a certified baddie by fans during her reality TV debut in 2020. That being said, her physical appearance has been a topic of conversation, which led the Canadian native to enter the chat.

The Netflix star revealed the cosmetic procedures she’s had done over the years in 2020 YouTube video after people were comparing her recent looks to high school photos that circulated the internet.

“I got my boobs done in Bangkok, Thailand three years ago with my best friend Erica. We were just traveling, and we didn’t really even plan to do it,” she said in the clip. “We found out one day it was really cheap there, and then all of a sudden, we were getting the surgery. It wasn’t even planned, we just flew to the office, or the clinic, and then I woke up and I had boobs.”

The Perfect Match star noted that her natural boobs were large, however, she claimed they “deflated a little bit” when she went vegan and lost a high amount of body fat as a result.

In addition to her breast augmentation, the Farago the Label founder routinely gets filler in her lips. Although she has received the injection for years, the influencer said it as “a process” to get perfected.

“It takes building. It takes years and years. Obviously, when you first start doing it, it’s not gonna look, like, voluptuous … it’s a very slow process,” she explained.

While she admitted to the plastic surgery procedures she’s had done, Francesca shut down rumors that she had a nose job and thanked contour for her improved look.

“I really swear to you guys, I’m owning up to everything, I did not get a nose job … I was looking at these old photos of me and I was like deadass looks like I got a nose job. I don’t know if I grew into my face, I have never done anything to my jaw or anything like that,” the reality star explained, while admitting to over-use Face Tune on her social media photos. “I was just insecure, and I thought I needed it because I wanted to look like all these other girls … now I try to avoid using it as much as I can.”

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