Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s love story is one of the most notorious in reality television history. Before she was with Spencer, Heidi’s known dating history included an innocent high school boyfriend and aspiring actor in Los Angeles.

Are ‘The Hills’ Stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Still Together?

Fans of The Hills first met Spencer during season 2. His relationship with Heidi got off to a rocky start, as he was also pursuing Audrina Patridge at the same time. After a pregnancy scare and some blowout fights, Spencer and Heidi eventually decided to date exclusively, which took a toll on her friendship with Lauren Conrad.

The drama between Spencer, Heidi and Lauren continued throughout the show. Lauren ended her friendship with Heidi for good after she heard that Spencer had spread a sex tape rumor about her. Despite the drama, Heidi stood by her man, but their relationship issues were prevalent throughout all six seasons of The Hills.

spencer pratt heidi montag dating history

Amid the fighting, the couple had some good times. They got “engaged” on the beach in Santa Barbara in 2007, although Spencer later revealed that the ring he was giving Heidi at the time was really meant to be a “promise” ring. The lovebirds then shocked everyone when they eloped during a trip to Mexico in 2008.

While this wedding wasn’t legally binding, the two filmed a televised wedding for the reality show in 2009. However, they’ve said that they celebrate both anniversaries.

More than 10 years later, Heidi and Spencer are going strong. They welcomed their first son, Gunner, in 2017, followed by another son, Ryker, in 2022.

Who Was Heidi Montag’s High School Boyfriend on ‘The Hills’?

On an episode of The Hills season 5, Heidi visited her parents in Colorado and ran into an old boyfriend named Colby. The encounter took place while she was having troubles in her relationship with Spencer.

“I think he was, like, my first boyfriend,” the former fashion student told her mom, Darlene. As the family dinner continued, Darlene raved about Colby. “He’s got his act together,” she pointed out. “Coming home, starting his own business at 22 years old.”

Heidi was less than enthused that her mom was trying to bring an old flame back into her life. She was shocked when Colby actually showed up at the restaurant and approached her. “[He’s] a good, strong Christian boy,” Darlene gushed. “He’s going to Colorado Christian.” She also told Colby, “I do remember you were the only one I would let her drive in the car with because I trusted you.”

colby heidi montag dating history high school boyfriend
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Even though Darlene seemingly would’ve loved for Heidi and Colby to reconnect, the reality star went back home and rekindled things with Spencer. Later that season, Colby and his girlfriend visited the couple in Los Angeles and shocked Spencer by revealing that they were virgins and sleeping in separate hotel rooms on the trip.

Who Was Heidi Montag’s Boyfriend on Season 1 of ‘The Hills’?

Before there was Spencer, there was Jordan Eubanks. The aspiring actor was Heidi’s boyfriend on season 1 of The Hills in 2006. The duo often spent time with Lauren and her then-boyfriend, Jason Wahler.

After celebrating the holidays together, Heidi and Jordan had an emotional breakup at the end of season 1. Nearly two decades later, fans are still wondering what happened to the dog that Jordan got Heidi for Christmas when they were together on the show.

jordan eubanks heidi montag dating history

“The dog that I was given on The Hills for Christmas is with my best friend’s family,” Heidi once revealed. “And Bella lives the most posh, luxurious life in this mansion by the pool. I think Bella has a better life than even I do now.”

After the show, Jordan continued to pursue his acting career and has credits both in front of and behind the camera.