Emma Slater and Mauricio Umansky sparked speculation that they may be more than just Dancing With the Stars partners when they were spotted holding hands while out to dinner on October 22. The pair’s 19-year age difference and Mauricio’s recent separation from Kyle Richards had fans buzzing about what exactly was going on between them. Many are also curious about whether Emma is still married to her ex, Sasha Farber, and what happened in their relationship.

Who Was Emma Slater’s Husband?

Emma married fellow DWTS pro Sasha Farber in 2018. Sasha proposed during a live Dancing With the Stars taping in October 2016, getting down on one knee in the middle of the ballroom to ask Emma to marry him.

At the time of the proposal, Emma and Sasha had already been dating for more than five years. Their romantic relationship began after they spent two years getting to know each other as friends. “[Marriage] feels like a natural progression,” Emma said after getting engaged. “My mother once said that marriage should feel natural and not like a surprise. It should be expected because that’s when it’s right and it’s already felt like I’ve been his fiancé and wife for years now. It feels really natural.”

Is Emma Slater Married Her Relationship With Ex Husband Sasha Farber Why They Divorced and More
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Is Emma Slater Still Married?

In August 2022, news broke that Emma and Sasha had separated. She filed for divorce in February 2023, citing “irreconcilable differences” and listing the date of separation as April 1, 2022. The exes had an amicable split, with Emma agreeing to an “uncontested divorce,” which meant they did not have to settle anything in court. According to CADivorce.com, an uncontested divorce generally takes less than six months to finalize in California, so it’s likely that Emma and Sasha’s marriage has officially been over for quite some time.

Why Did Emma Slater and Sasha Farber Split?

Emma opened up about her split from Sasha during an August 2023 interview on Nick Viall’s “The Viall Files” podcast. She explained that the breakup happened because she wasn’t ready to have kids yet, while he wanted to start a family.

“It’s really the kid thing,” Emma admitted. “It’s interesting because I do want to have kids, I just don’t want to delay Sasha’s path in having kids because I know that he is ready for that. I don’t want to talk about him too much because that’s really for him to say, but it’s about kids.”

Emma had nothing but positive things to say about her ex and admitted that she’s found it “difficult” to understand why she started feeling “different” about the future. It simply came down to the fact that they were in “potentially two different places,” but the “love didn’t actually go [away],” she explained.

Is Emma Slater Married Her Relationship With Ex Husband Sasha Farber Why They Divorced and More
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Less than two weeks after the interview dropped, Emma revealed she was freezing her eggs to “take control” of her future. “Having the ability to know where your body is at while working through life is very valuable,” Emma shared. “And this facility has allowed for so many people to be blessed with future options. Ultimately, this is giving me peace of mind.”

Are Emma Slater and Sasha Farber Still Friends?

Even though they’re broken up, Emma and Sasha have remained friendly. “We’re still like family,” Emma explained in her “Viall Files” interview. “It isn’t really like the love is not there. It’s actually not that at all.”

The exes were in the midst of touring together for Dancing With the Stars when Emma filed for divorce, and they both competed on season 32 of DWTS just months later. Emma was partnered with Mauricio, who was also fresh off a split from estranged wife Kyle, and Sasha was paired with Alyson Hannigan.

“We support each other so much that I went the very best for Sasha,” Emma told E! News. “I love him and Alyson together on the show. We support each other very, very truly.”