Honesty hour! Iskra Lawrence got real with fans about the long journey of her career. She found success but that came with a decade of hard work and many ups and downs. The blonde beauty reflected on the wild ride while enjoying a day out in the Big Apple with her family on August 18.

“Love a tourist day with the fam in NYC even though I’ve lived here for over [six] years it still blows my mind,” the 28-year-old began a lengthy caption to accompany a photo of herself smiling in Central Park. “Never forget no dream is too big. I made it here from Kidderminster, England, after 10 years of rejection and crumby modeling jobs, I’ll keep it short today lol but I defo want to do an in-depth video into ‘how I made it’ if you have questions drop em below then I can try answer them all in the video.”

Of course, her comments became flooded with people wondering how she found an agent, where she finds the motivation to keep going and if she has any advice for other aspiring models. The Aerie babe is known for staying true to herself and encouraging body inclusivity across the industry. She recently slammed the unreal (and often dangerous) beauty standards that have developed from social media, photo editing and dieting.

“I’m disgusted that people/companies profit off of toxic diet culture, a perfected unrealistic beauty ideal, (including Photoshop) and promoting that health looks like one thing,” she wrote on Instagram on August 16. “Millions of us have been and still are fighting our eating disorders, seeing Weight Watchers targeting children — showing before and afters, congratulating restrictive guilt-ridden eating [behaviors] is awful and heartbreaking.”

She added, “Yes I believe in wellness, but that education comes from balance, intuitive eating and understanding that health is so much more than just hitting a certain weight or being skinny … That doesn’t mean you can’t change or fluctuate because we evolve and grow, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to be the best version of yourself, it’s whatever you feel you want to do and be.”

It’s awesome to see someone with such an empowering outlook has made it in such a tough industry.