Traylor fans are eager to see Taylor Swift walk down the aisle to marry Travis Kelce — and brother Jason Kelce’s latest marriage hint did nothing to quell their wedding wishes.

Travis, 34, and Jason, 36, discussed Adam Sandler movies and the characters they most related to during the Wednesday, May 29, episode of their “New Heights” podcast. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end said his older brother closely resembled “either Bobby Boucher or ‘The Wedding Singer,’” and Jason replied, “I was gonna go ‘Wedding Singer’ maybe for you.” The former Philadelphia Eagles center then stared at the camera as his younger brother let out a sheepish laugh.

In the 1998 film The Wedding Singer, Adam, 57, plays a wedding singer named Robbie Hart, who gets left at the altar and falls in love with Drew Barrymore’s Julia Sullivan while helping to plan her nuptials. He must win her heart before she ties the knot with another man.

“I’ll take ‘Wedding Singer,’” Jason added as the two talked about how many “good f–king” movies Adam has made.

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Clips of the brief moment went viral on X as fans of Travis and Taylor, 34, wondered if Jason was hinting at the couple’s future wedding.

“I will admit … Travis laughs in a very suspicious manner over The Wedding Singer,” one fan tweeted.

“Travis’ face when Jason calls him the wedding singer….just announce it already!!!!” another user wrote, begging the NFL player and pop star to reveal an engagement.

“Is it my imagination or did Travis turn red?” a third person added.

Jason Kelce Seemingly Hints at Travis Taylor Swift Wedding

While some speculated that Jason was only “trolling” Swiftie listeners — which is something he’s been known to do in the past — others believed Taylor and Travis will announce a wedding any day now.

“It kind of feels we’re in that situation where everyone knows, everyone thinks its great, no one really wants to keep it a secret, but they’ve decided on an ‘official’ date to announce and everyone is just kind of waiting,” one person tweeted.

Travis and Taylor’s romance began in July 2023, although they kept the relationship private until September. The couple has gotten quite serious in the last 10 months, and as their one-year anniversary approaches, a source exclusively told Life & Style that the Chiefs tight end is “under pressure to propose.”

“The timing is right,” the insider said. “They’ve been together almost a year now and they’re madly in love, so it makes sense that they’d be discussing marriage.”

The source continued, “The big moment – and the ring – need to be super special. But Travis is a ‘grand gesture’ kind of guy, so no matter what or when he finally asks her, it will be an experience that they’ll remember forever.”