We all make bucket lists, y’all, even successful celebs like Jordyn Woods. The 22-year-old model recently revealed to Life & Style exclusively that she has tons of goals for herself packed into her noggin — one of which may see her getting into an area of beauty she has yet to dip her toes in.

“Oh man, I should make a list. It’s all in my head,” she dished while promoting her starring role in Footage Films’ upcoming thriller Sacrifice, premiering on BET+ on December 19. “I mean, I have a journal of stuff that I write down and then I’ll go back to it like a month later and be like ‘OK, cool, I did this. Need to do this.’ I write long-term goals and short-term goals.”

But what’s her number one objective at the moment? “I really would love to get into the skincare world. Skin is something that I really have been passionate about for a long time, and everyone always asks me what I do for my skin,” Jordyn revealed. “So hopefully, whether it’s long-term or in a few years, this upcoming year, I’m not sure. I just want to wait until I can do it perfectly.”

In general, the proud actress has just been reveling in her successes, as we all should toward the end of the year. “I’ve been reflecting on my year and I really accomplished a lot,” she gushed. “I did two movies, I got the Cosmopolitan cover, I’ve been in music videos, I started my own fitness company. I did some collabs. I have hair, I have lashes. I did some clothes. There’s more fitness stuff. I did a lot this year and it’s just going to go up from here! It’s hard to name one because there’s just a lot of different things that I’m proud of!”

It makes sense to see the gorgeous influencer wanting to take another step into the beauty world considering she’s done her own lines of extensions and lashes. Plus, she’s always got the most fire makeup! “I always do it myself for the most part,” she raved. Good to know this starlet plans to ~level up~ on all the things she loves.

Reporting by Diana Cooper.