He’s a newbie! Siesta Key star Juliette Porter admits filming season 4 with boyfriend Sam Logan was “hard” on him and affected their relationship, the MTV star exclusively tells Life & Style.

“Filming together  — filming with anyone — affects your friendships, your relationships. It’s hard in everything we do,” the JMP the Label founder, 23, explains ahead of season 4, which premieres on Wednesday, May 12 at 8 p.m. EST.


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Juliette Porter/Instagram

She notes the unconventional job was particularly difficult for Sam, 29, who had never done anything like that before. “It just makes things uncomfortable and people really get in their heads about how they’re viewed, how they’ll look, what people will think of them. So, that’s definitely hard,” she adds.

The model says she encouraged her beau to not “be afraid of the cameras” and to “open up” so fans could see the “real” him

“Luckily … he’s a good boyfriend, so he’s not hiding anything that the camera catches, and he’s not secretive,” Juliette says about her man, adding he “doesn’t cheat” on her. “Those are things that I told him from the beginning. I’m like, ‘Just don’t lie about anything and you’ll be good. Because they’re going to find out, don’t try to hide anything from the cameras. They catch it all.’”

This upcoming season of Siesta Key will be different because the cast jetted off to Palm Island for filming, instead of keeping the show in their local Florida town. 

Juliette previously dated Alex Kompothecras, who was fired ahead of season 3 following allegations of past racist tweets resurfacing, and Bachelorette alum Robby Hayes on past seasons and gushes she’s “most excited” for people to see her romance with Sam. “One that is very different from the last relationships they’ve seen me in,” she says. “I love my boyfriend, Sam. He’s amazing. And he’s a great addition to our cast.”

That being said, the designer admits there are some “weak moments” and “mistakes” she makes on Palm Island. Overall, Juliette teases season 4 was “a really dramatic experience.”

“I guess he is my Prince charming … but it’s not all perfect,” she teases. “Of course, we have some issues with other girls that are in the group and friends coming in between our relationship … We’ll see some bumps in the road with Sam and I too, for sure.”