Someone’s rolling in it! Siesta Key newcomer Sam Logan is rumored to be worth a whole lot of dough — and his estimated net worth is over $1 million, according to Reality Tidbit. But how did the MTV newbie amass so much cash in such a short time on the small screen? Here’s a breakdown of what we know about Sam’s wealth.

Sam’s Family Is Rich

The reality star’s mother, Elizabeth Logan, inherited part ownership in the family’s company, Scripps Networks. The conglomerate owns several major television networks including HGTV, Food Network, the Travel Channel and DIY Network. The business was sold to Discovery in 2018 for a whopping $14.6 billion — which Sam’s family definitely saw a nice chunk of.

Sam Has a Stake in the Family Business

The Florida resident is reportedly a 10 percent owner in Scripps Networks, which means he makes money when the company profits. Scripps reportedly made $1.42 billion in revenue in 2019. Since 10 percent of $1 billion is $100 million, it’s clear the University of Central Florida grad isn’t hard up for funds.

Sam Is on a Reality Show

Though he’s only appeared on 3 episodes so far, his relationship with Juliette Porter is bound to keep him on the airwaves for a while. They started dating after his pal Alex Kompothecras cheated on Juliette and revealed he was having a baby with new girlfriend Alyssa Salerno in December 2019. Alex was fired from the series due to past alleged racist comments in June.

It is unclear how much the cast of the Floridian series gets paid per episode or season — but undoubtedly, the show brings in some steady cashflow for Sam, despite not yet being a full-time cast member.

Siesta Key's Juliette Porter and Boyfriend Sam Logan Kiss on a Boat
Courtesy Sam Logan/Instagram

Sam Has a Social Media Following

With over 100,000 followers on Instagram — and his appearances on Siesta Key under his belt — Sam has the opportunity to partner with different brands to make paid advertisement posts. This is a lucrative endeavor for most reality stars (a lot of the Real Housewives love some good sponcon), so there’s a good chance Sam will take advantage of this opportunity down the line, especially if he becomes part of the cast of the MTV series full-time in the future.