Strong mama! Khloé Kardashian dished details about her 60-pound weight loss after giving birth to daughter True Thompson while chatting with Kourtney Kardashian.

The 35-year-old confirmed she “dieted” after welcoming her sweet daughter in 2018. “If you’re trying to lose a significant amount of weight, diet and exercise go hand in hand,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians starlet explained after a fan asked what “percentage” of her fit figure is from diet versus exercise in a video on May 13. 

Khloe Kardashian Poses in Sports Bra and Workout Pants in Home Gym
Courtesy Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

Now that the Revenge Body host is in her “weight vicinity goal,” she has a bit more wiggle room. “I’m around 150. It goes up a little. When it goes into the high 140s I’m like, ‘Woo! It’s the dream,’” she continued. 

Of course, life happens, and Khloé noted that she would “rather put more effort into the gym” than micro manage her diet. “In this world, I don’t really watch what I eat,” the starlet said. “That doesn’t mean I’m binge eating bags of chips all day. We have good diets, but I love quesadillas. I love anything True’s eating.” 

Khloe Kardashian Sunbathes in Bahamas With True Thompson
Courtesy of Khloé Kardashian Instagram

Although Khloé knows what to do if she’s “trying to buckle down” and shed some pounds, she admitted she doesn’t want to “live a miserable life” of deprivation while raising her daughter, whom she shares with ex Tristan Thompson.

As far as how to work out like an A-lister, Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer Melissa Alcantara exclusively gave Life & Style a peek inside the mom-of-four’s exercise routine. A “typical” day in the gym for Kim, 39, is around “70 percent weights with 30 percent cardio.” In total, she usually trains “five days a week for about one hour.”

Surprisingly, Kim’s toned body comes from moves you can do at home. “We focus a lot on the basics with weight training, squats, bicep curls, tricep dip, lateral pull-downs, chest press,” Melissa said. In addition to “steady-state cardio,” like walking on the treadmill or jumping rope, she “also incorporate high-intensity moves, like ball slams, burpees, sprints and ladder drills.” 

Kim Kardashian taking a gym selfie
Courtesy of Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The KKW Beauty founder’s usual daily diet is kind of like Khloé’s. Melissa said Kim eats a “healthy balanced diet with treats here and there. Nothing crazy restrictive.”

The Kardashians will always serve as our fitspo!