We all know one thing about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: These women aren’t too shy to speak their minds. Lisa Rinna is one of the loudest of the bunch, so it’s no surprise to see her come for her costar Lisa Vanderpump over all of the drama surrounding the restaurateur’s potential new spinoff show about her dog charity, Vanderpump Dogs. But according to an insider who spoke exclusively with Life & Style, the 55-year-old former soap star is apparently just jealous of her costar’s successes.

“Friends of Lisa say she’s just bitter about Vanderpump’s fame,” the source revealed. “She would love a spinoff with her husband Harry [Hamlin] and her wannabe supermodel daughters, but this isn’t the way to go about it.” Though a show with Rinna and her hubby, Harry Hamlin, would be all kinds of fun, crossing the 58-year-old RHOBH favorite doesn’t seem like the smartest move to make it happen.

However, a rep for Rinna says these claims are “a hilarious accusation” and “couldn’t be further from the truth.”

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But the insider insists Rinna is trying to keep herself in the forefront at all costs: “Now she’s clinging onto new housewife Denise Richards to stay relevant.”

Spoiler alert, though? It doesn’t seem to be working to her advantage. “Lisa looks desperate and her antics to stir up more sh-t fell flat, it definitely didn’t work in her favor,” the source explained. “Andy’s definitely not happy with her.”

But we already knew that. An insider revealed to Life & Style that Bravo TV boss Andy Cohen was upset with the Housewife about her scathing IG call outs about the spinoff show on March 12. “Lisa Rinna is known for stirring the pot on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but it looks like it may backfire,” the insider said. “Andy [Cohen] and Bravo executives are upset with accusations, threats and demands for money. She’s gone too far.”

“Lisa went off on a rant about wanting to be paid to help launch future spinoff series for Lisa Vanderpump was ridiculous. She even said her lawyers would be contacting Bravo,” the insider added. “It was over the top and not something anyone should say — threatening legal action is a huge red flag for her employer.”