Things are getting hotter than Miami can handle on this season of Real Housewives of New York — especially between Luann de Lesseps and costar Bethenny Frankel. The countess caught up with Life & Style at the release party for her single, Feelin’ Jovani, at GITANO Jungle Terraces in NYC on June 14 to dish about the epic Florida fight between her and her castmate.

“I don’t think that was really about me. I think that was more about her life,” the 54-year-old said. “She lost it. There was a lot in there, it wasn’t just me.”

 Luann de Lesseps
Courtesy of Luann de Lesseps

The singer was, of course, referring to the blowout brawl in Miami during a dinner with all the housewives in which the 48-year-old entrepreneur goes in on Luann for being self-centered and all about her cabaret — but also that she didn’t reach out when Bethenny’s ex-boyfriend passed away. During all-out showdown on June 12 episode, the Skinnygirl maven even accused Luann of leaving rehab early to perform.

“What she doesn’t understand is, for me, cabaret feeds me,” the countess countered her costar’s accusations. “I love it. Keeping me there would have been worse.”

“I had been there for three weeks. They like to say I was there for two weeks but I was there for three weeks and it’s a 21-day program, so I was OK,” she explained.

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Ultimately, though, Luann has been able to really reflect on the trip — and acknowledge that it wasn’t as positive for her as it could’ve been.

“You know, like any family, there’s always bickering and arguing and a lot of drama. There was a little too much drama for me. It was difficult for me to go through it, um, sober,” she revealed. “I was just trying to keep to myself. Which, you know, may have looked like I was not sympathetic to their feelings. But I had to take care of me. It was a difficult trip for me.”