Maddie Ziegler
Courtesy of Maddie Ziegler/Instagram

Bedroom goals! Maddie Ziegler took to Instagram on Monday, April 20, to give fans a peek of her cozy boudoir. The Dance Moms alum, 17, snapped a mirror selfie showing off her new pink hair — and in the background, some of her home decor was on full display. 

It looks like Maddie’s room features an accent wall behind her bed, zebra print rugs and a modern-looking nightstand. That said, given how fantastic the teenager’s new ‘do looks, most fans chimed in to gush over Maddie’s pink locks. “I love it so much!” one user commented. “OMG! The hair is perfect. You’re so pretty,” added another. 

“Please leave it pink forever! It looks bomb,” a third user chimed in, while a fourth wrote, “I just can’t with you! So gorgeous, Maddie.” Sadly, the influencer’s boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin, didn’t comment on her post. Even so, we know the lovebirds are still going strong. So much so, Maddie and her Australian beau, 18, have been fostering a puppy together amid the coronavirus quarantine. How sweet! 

While Maddie’s followers definitely champion her blossoming relationship with Eddie, some trolls have attempted to stir up drama. Thankfully, Maddie’s mom, Melissa Gisoni, has no problem defending her daughterAfter Maddie posted a photo of herself with a shirtless Eddie in bed, one hater suggested the picture was “inappropriate” for social media.

Maddie Ziegler and Eddie Benjamin
Courtesy of Maddie Ziegler/Instagram

“He has his shirt off for god’s sake! He’s a boy!” Melissa, 51, clapped back. You tell ‘em, mama! Clearly, after years of hanging with the ALDC moms, she’s learned a thing or two about confrontation. Just like Melissa’s days as a Lifetime personality, she will always support her daughters — Maddie has a 15-year-old sister named Mackenzie, who is also a public figure.

“I am so very proud of my girls, what strong young women they have become,” Melissa wrote on Instagram on March 8. “The most important thing in my life is them and seeing how they stand up for what they believe and how they support each other and other young women!”

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