Singer Miley Cyrus is taking dating songwriter Cody Simpson super seriously — down to his wardrobe. The 26-year-old songstress admitted to stealing her new Australian bae‘s sunglasses on her Instagram Stories on October 20. TBH, we’d do the same if we were her, so no judgement.

“Is he even your boyfriend if you don’t steal his sunglasses?” the blonde beauty questioned, captioning a mirror selfie with the rhetorical inquiry. In the stylish pic, she rocked a Black Flag T-shirt and jeans, with her classic rings on every finger. Definitely a chic street style ‘fit, Miley!

Miley Cyrus Stolen Sunglasses Selfie

The Nashville native definitely hasn’t been quiet about her connection with Cody, 22, recently. In fact, the new couple just got tattoos together on October 15. Though the sets of ink aren’t matching, they did sit together and make it a point to get work done with the same artist.

Miley got “Rock ‘N Roll Heart” tattooed on a banner across a heart and knife on the back of her arm, while her man got a skull and crossbones inked on his chest. The artist, Nico Bassill, is a skilled tattooer with a sizable following, so we’re not surprised his awesome black and grey work caught the pop star’s attention.

In fact, the couple loved their new tats so much, they posed with them in a steamy selfie. “Death do us,” Cody captioned the sexy Instagram Story pic, lightly hinting at a possible second trip down the aisle for Miley down the line.

Cody and Miley have been seeing each other since being spotted locking lips over morning acai bowls on October 4 — but believe it or not, the new duo has actually been pals for a long time.

“We just have a ball and that’s the most important part of a relationship. It’s like … we’ve been friends … the reason why it’s not like,” Cody explained to In Touch. “It hasn’t been a really crazy sudden thing is we’ve been friends for so long that when we sort of found each other again in a space where … we both met back in the day when we were partying a lot. We had a lot of fun then. But now we’ve found each other in a space where we’re not partying, working real hard and just like keeps things healthy.”