Not too shabby! Cody Simpson was recently spotted making out with Miley Cyrus after years of being close friends. However, this isn’t the first A-lister that the singer has locked lips with — his famous exes include Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner. Keep reading to get the full scoop on his romantic past.

His most recent love interest was model Clair Wuestenberg. The two dated from August 2018 to January 2019 but appeared to have a really rough breakup where she accused him of “emotional abuse.” The blonde beauty aired their dirty laundry on social media.

Cody Simpson and Clair Wuestenberg at LAX International Airport, Los Angeles, USA - 25 Sep 2018

“The more I’ve been talking to people, the more I can step back and see myself for who I am rather than identifying with the relationship I’ve been in,” she wrote in a statement on her Instagram Story on January 28, as reported by J-14. “I guess I should address the situation so people know what I’m talking about. My boyfriend broke up with me, and in a really, really s–tty way. I’d like to tell everybody about it, but I’m sure it would be not so good for his career, so I’ll keep it quiet.”

Sierra Swartz, Charlotte Lawrence and Sahara Ray Dated Cody Simpson
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Previously, Cody was romantically tied to a slew of gorgeous models and actresses. Sierra Swartz (pictured left) dated him for a short time back in the summer of 2016. They solidified their romance after they were seen packing on the PDA during the Malibu Guitar Festival. Earlier in that same year, Cody was connected to songstress Charlotte Lawrence after they were photographed on a date at the beach. She’s the voice behind songs like “Why Do You Love Me” and “Sleep Talking” — and she has even performed with the Dixie Chicks.

Cody also dated fellow Aussie and model Sahara Ray from September to November 2015. If her name sounds familiar it’s because she also dated pop star Justin Bieber in 2016.

Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid Dating First Love
Courtesy of Cody Simpson Instagram

That’s not to say all of the stud’s past romances have been tumultuous or short-lived. His most serious relationship thus far has seemingly been with Gigi. The pair split in May 2015 but it’s obvious they had a lot of love between them. “It was a super-cool experience, having a first love like that,” he told GQ Australia about his romance with the catwalk queen. “Then people started paying way more attention to us, which took its toll because I didn’t want to be a celebrity — just some guy who’s dating models. It started getting super gnarly where we couldn’t go out to restaurants. I got scared. Then I had to go away on tour, and we ended up splitting up.”

Kylie Jenner White Tank Top Dated Cody Simpson

Before Travis Scott and Tyga, there was Cody. He and the KUWTK star dated for a few months in 2011 when they were just young teens and it seems like things ended amicably. He joked about their split and said that their couple name was to blame. “The whole K-O-D-Y thing didn’t really work for me,” he said during an appearance on Hello Ross in 2014.

Bella Thorne and Cody Simpson Dated

Ah, young love. Bella Thorne and Cody had a brief flirtation for a few months in 2011. The former Disney kid explained in a video at the time that they met in person, talked on Twitter for a bit and then she scored an invite to his birthday party. Cute!

Stella Hudgens Dated Cody Simpson
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Cody was also linked to Vanessa Hudgen‘s little sister, Stella, in 2011. Neither of them has dished about their connection so it could have been strictly platonic.

As you can see, Cody has definitely dipped his toe in the Hollywood dating pool. Who knows who will pop up next!