Still looking for love! Bachelor in Paradise star Nicole Lopez-Alvar revealed exclusively to Life & Style that she is a single woman. After ending things with Clay Harbor in Mexico, she dished about a new mystery guy during the finale aftershow on September 19. However, the reality babe is officially back on the market.

“Although I briefly dated someone after Paradise, I’ve been single this entire time! I’m still very, very single,” the 26-year-old divulged. “It’s hard out here. I feel like all these articles saying, ‘Nicole has a boyfriend,’ have been making it even harder. I would just love if the world knew I was single and looking for love!”

Bachelor in Paradise Alum Nicole Lopez Alvar Is Single After Paradise
ABC/John Fleenor

Clay, 32, originally spilled the beans about her former love interest. “I just want to say I’m sorry for hurting you, but I’m happy you have a boyfriend now and you’re moving on,” he said while in the hot seat with Nicole and Chris Harrison during the Paradise aftershow. At the time, the Miami native admitted that she didn’t know where her new relationship was going but was ready for a fresh start.

“I cannot wait to be someone’s 100 percent and if it’s not with the man I’m dating now — maybe it will be the next one — because I’m not going to wait,” she confessed. “And, I honestly don’t have time to wait. I’m young, this is my time, it’s 2019 and no woman should have to even doubt if the man they’re with is in love with them. We shouldn’t have to doubt that.”

Nicole has made it clear that she’s looking for someone who is in it for the long haul. She and Clay fizzled out on decision day after the former NFL player wasn’t able to say he loved her. “It’s OK to have doubts about a relationship but what’s not OK is to lead me on — or lead a woman on like Angela [Amezcua] — for an extended amount of time, become intimate with them and let them truly fall in love with you,” she further explained, while mentioning his previous relationship with their fellow Paradise costar. “And then, all of a sudden, when things get so serious you — all of sudden — doubts start coming out. I just wish you were honest with me.”

The athlete took to Instagram after the finale aired and defended where he stood emotionally. “I took this opportunity very seriously, and looking back, I could have done things differently,” he wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption. “Unfortunately, I didn’t see myself getting engaged after 16 days of exclusive dating and I wanted to be 100 percent truthful with my feelings, even though I knew there was a chance my truth wouldn’t get the outcome I wanted.”

It looks like the two are ready to move on to greener pastures!