Bonding through heartbreak. Nikki Bella opened up about her “difficult” split from ex-fiancé, John Cena, while chatting with Bachelor contestant Hannah Ann Sluss on “The Bellas Podcast” on April 29. “You know, I can imagine, even myself going through a public breakup,” Nikki said relating to the 24-year-old’s engagement to Peter Weber ending after season 24.

However, Nikki, 36, noted some key differences between their situations. “What was tough about that was it came out before the season [of Total Bellas] went on air. So, people thought it was a publicity stunt. Like, it was fake just to get people to tune in,” the WWE babe recalled about her broken engagement from John, 43. “No, this is real. Like, I’m not lying.”

Nikki Bella Wears White Dress With Black Scarf with Ex Fiance John Cena at Blockers Premiere
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Hannah Ann divulged one of the most difficult aspects of her split from Peter, 28, was having to keep it a secret until the season aired. “There [was] a lot going on to where it kind of halted a little bit of my healing process versus if I were to walk away single. You know, I walked away engaged, and then everything was such a secret … it’s so weird,” the Knoxville native admitted. “I would go to a coffee shop, and then people would be like, ‘You were on The Bachelor! Are you engaged?’” 

How the Bachelor Nation starlet reacted to fans at the time was much different than what was going on inside her head. “I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I just had this huge breakup two weeks ago, and the whole world is going to know it,’” she confessed. “I had so much fear, you know, knowing this was going to be part of my story.”

Bachelor Hannah Ann Sluss Sits in Red Bodycon Dress and Looks at Ex Peter Weber in Black Suit
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Nikki sympathized she “couldn’t imagine” having to go through all of that in secret and made it clear she’s Team Hannah Ann. “You got played so dirty,” the pro athlete acknowledged. “I mean, I’m so happy you guys didn’t work out, and whether that’s the real him or not, I was just so disgusted.”

Hannah Ann and Peter got engaged during the finale but broke up shortly after because he still had feelings for runner-up Madison Prewett. He is now dating contestant Kelley Flanagan. “Artem [Chigvintsev] watched with me all season — my fiancé now — and even he was so disgusted,” added Nikki. “I got so invested. It almost made me not want to watch toward the end because I felt so bad for you seeing how he was with someone else.” The E! starlet gushed, “You’re a very strong woman, you’ve held yourself with grace.”

We love seeing two strong ladies supporting each other!