Family resemblance! Orlando Bloom revealed which parent his and Katy Perry’s newborn daughter, Daisy, looks most like during the Wednesday, October 7, episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The Lord of the Rings actor, 43, acknowledged that 2-month-old Daisy’s eyes are identical to the “Roar” singer, 35, but she also has a lot of her dad in her, too.

“It was funny because when she first came out it was like, ‘Oh she’s me. It’s a mini-me, but fortunately, she got those Katy blues, which was perfect,” the U.K. native explained about his daughter. However, as Daisy began to grow, she also started resembling a different family member.

“Then, she sort of looked a bit like my mom,” continued Orlando. “So, then I got a little bit confused because Katy is breast-feeding this mini-me slash my mom slash who’s she gonna look like next?”

The engaged couple are in baby bliss with Daisy. An insider exclusively told Life & Style that Katy is “enjoying every minute of being a new mom.

“She hasn’t had much sleep and is pretty tired, but knows it’s part of the process. Her own mom, Mary, is helping out and Orlando is super hands-on,” this insider continued, while noting the “California Gurls” singer is “adapting well” to having a baby in the house. 

Katy Perry Post-Pregnancy Body, Maternity Bra and Postpartum Underwear
Courtesy of Katy Perry/Instagram

Luckily for the A-list couple, Orlando said Daisy is extremely “mellow” and is even giving the parents ample sack time. “It’s always a process you know,” he noted about sleep-training a newborn. “She’s now at her baby weight, and she’s sleeping like from 9 until 6 — 9 until 7 —which is a blessing.”

Orlando’s bond with Daisy is already strong. He noticed that she “soothes” when he walks in the room and suspects it’s because he used to talk and chant to her while she was still inside mom’s growing belly. “It’s quite sweet,” gushed the proud dad. “She likes it, she responds very nicely … I’m definitely winning the Daddy points.”

As for the Carnival Row actor’s 9-year-old son, Flynn, whom he shares with ex Miranda Kerr, the sweet kiddo is already “very well-versed in little babies.”

“For the first time he has a sister … His mom has a couple, so yeah, he’s got a couple of little brothers,” Orlando explained about the Victoria’s Secret model, 37, who shares kids Hart and Myles with husband Evan Spiegel. “He’s the best, he’s wonderful. I mean, we’re all doing a lot of schooling remotely. We’re at home a lot, so there’s a lot of time for nesting and getting him to pick up around his room and take care of the baby, sort of.”

The Orlando-Perry family seems to be doing amazing during this new chapter!