First comes love then comes … Former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay and her fiancé, Bryan Abasolo, are looking forward to having kids in the very near future. The Bachelor Nation couple met during season 13 of the famed reality show and is set to tie the knot later this summer. The gorgeous bride-to-be dished about their family plans exclusively to Life & Style.

“I don’t have a timeline,” the reality starlet, 34, admitted while gushing about her and Bryan’s wedding registry on The Knot Registry. “I have learned to get rid of that seeing how I am off my original life timeline — way off of it — so no more timelines for me … I [don’t] want to say, I want to start immediately but it’ll be sooner than later. I would like to start sooner than later, let’s just put it like that.”

Rachel Lindsay Bryan Abasolo wedding registry the knot wedding details kids
Lisa Lake / Getty Images

The couple will be saying their vows during a fabulous destination wedding in August. However, it sounds like they’ll be putting down roots soon after. The lawyer added, “I would like to start before the year is up. So that is kind of soon!” They are open to having a very large family. Considering how gorgeous they both are, we don’t blame them!

“I want four but that’s not going to happen now probably unless I just pop out triplets — and I don’t want to do that,” the Texas native explained. “I mean, as many as we can in a healthy way — just being realistic and being 34, I know women are having children older and older.” The good news is that the hot doc, 39, is totally into expanding their household. “Bryan always says he wants to have as many as we can afford, which is such a Bryan answer,” Rachel divulged. “I’m like ‘I want 10!’ and he’s like, ‘As many as we can afford.'”

We can’t wait for this adorable pair to start their next chapter together. Congrats, guys!

Reporting by Diana Cooper.