The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is only halfway through season 4, and the women have already pulled out their acrylic claws for a snowy downhill battle. There have been vacation crashers, tears and nasty rumors swirling – but viewers have only seen the tip of the iceberg. Bravo dropped the midseason trailer on October 17 and fans are getting their crepes ready to see the drama unfold and explode.

What Has Happened in ‘RHOSLC’ Season 4?

Housewives Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, Heather Gay, Whitney Rose, Angie Katsanevas, Monica Garcia and friend-of Mary Cosby have brought their A-game this season. The dynamic was different than the last seasons with the absence of Jen Shah. However, Monica dropped major bombs during her debut season and Angie’s promotion from friend-of to a full-time cast member ruffled Meredith’s feathers. And, of course, Mary was displeased with her costars’ antics amid her grand return to the show.

Starting with the good news first, Lisa and Meredith officially ended their feud and are on the path back to their friendship. That said, the jewelry designer started an explosive fight with Angie, which provoked the hair salon owner to crash the Palm Spring girl’s trip hosted by her frenemy. The women got into a crazy screaming match during a group dinner, leading Meredith to tell Lisa that she had some tea on Angie’s husband, Shawn Trujillo.

Monica joined the cast only knowing Angie after working as Jen’s former assistant. However, their friendship began to crumble when the business owner took Meredith’s side during her feud with Angie. As for her personal business, Monica dropped fans’ jaws when she revealed she was not only Jen’s former assistant but also worked with the government as a witness to get the RHOSLC alum behind bars. The reality TV rookie also shocked costar Heather when she shared that she had had an affair with her former brother-in-law for more than one year, which led to her divorce.

'RHOSLC' Season 4: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer and Feuds

As for the rumor surrounding Angie’s husband, Monica revealed that men are allegedly going around town saying that they slept with the former hairstylist. Angie went off on Meredith and blamed her for starting the rumor as she stuck by her husband’s side. When Angie told him about the rumor, Shawn didn’t get upset about his sexuality being questioned, but that he was painted as a cheater.

What Happens in the ‘RHOSLC’ Midseason Trailer?

Bravo announced the franchise hit a series high as it’s racking in an average of 1.9 million weekly viewers. By the looks of the teaser for the rest of the season, views are going to spike even higher. The midseason trailer is filled with quick soundbites, teasing the upcoming drama just enough, but not giving away too much.

The teaser starts with the women on a group trip to Bermuda, where they bring drama from home with them. “Happy birthday Monica! Thank you for bringing us to this beautiful island,” Heather is heard saying.

Monica is then seen running into a public bathroom while crying and Lisa quickly follows behind to be a shoulder to cry on. “Why would she do this to you?” Lisa said. The drama seemingly happens during the birthday getaway as Monica is wearing a birthday sash.

Meredith also hints at drama when she tells the group, “It gets to a point when you’re accused of something over and over and over again, you may as well do it. I am not the one bringing the tornado. Karma comes back.”

While other friendships are demolished, there seems to be hope for Heather and Lisa’s friendship as the Bad Mormon author says on a microphone, “I just want Lisa to love me!”