Drama, drama, drama! After Colton Underwood dumped Tayshia Adams on The Bachelor, the two reunited for the first time during the Monday, March 11, episode. Fortunately, it actually went better than expected.

First, the brunette beauty discussed how emotional she was when the athlete, 27, knocked on her door in Portugal. “It’s difficult,” she told Chris Harrison after she re-watched the scene. “There are a lot of emotions there and it was a surprise. I wasn’t necessarily ready for my journey to end right there and then. I was shocked. I was kind playfully saying, ‘It should be Colton at the door.’ The look on his face made his whole demeanor change. He looked like there was something really wrong. He needed to talk to me. Right then and there, I knew it was not good.”

tayshia on stage on the bachelor

Colton confessed to Tayshia that he’s in love with Cassie during their chat. The California native realized that in that moment, she had “to remove myself from the situation and be there for him.” Luckily, Tayshia comforted Colton. We’re digging the maturity, girl!

The Indiana native joined Tayshia on stage where the two discussed their connection. “The trust and foundation we laid into our relationship was very special,” he said. “I knew it was going to be very difficult. I tried to stay as open and honest and true to my feelings. If I was doing that, in that moment where I gave all of myself to Cassie that I have so much respect for you and knowing what you’ve been through in previous relationships.”

tayshia and colton

In the end, Tayshia couldn’t help but be happy for the handsome hunk. “I wish the best for you,” she said. “I will not take anything that I have learned or shared for granted. I am so proud of the woman I have become because of this journey and because of you, honestly. Thank you for everything, you’ve taught me a lot.”

So, will Colton get his happily ever after? Only time will tell.