Defending herself. The Bachelorette‘s Charity Lawson clapped back at fans who slammed her season for not being entertaining.

“All I can say is. It’s a TV show #TheBachelorette,” Charity, 27, wrote while live tweeting the Monday, July 3, episode.

The next day, one fan responded to the tweet by telling the reality star that her season is “boring.”

“Then don’t watch Kathleen, entertain yourself elsewhere,” Charity wrote in response to the backlash on Wednesday, June 6.

After she competed to win over Zach Shallcross during season 27 of The Bachelor, Charity was announced ​as the season 20 lead during The Bachelor’s Women’s Tell All episode in March.

Before her season premiered on June 26, host Jesse Palmer exclusively told Life & Style that Charity was “extremely happy” once filming ended.

“Whatever that means, people will have to tune in and find out,” Jesse, 44, revealed. “I am obviously a massive fan of Charity, much like I know a lot of people out there are in Bachelor Nation after watching her season with Zach. So, getting a chance to host this show alongside an amazing woman was really, really special.”

The host also praised the suitors that were cast to win over the Georgia native.

“[The men are] probably the most accomplished group of men of any season that I’ve hosted in the franchise. I mean, there’s like several doctors, not just a doctor. There are several doctors,” Jesse explained. “There’s like a world record holder, there’s firemen – it’s just a whole collection of really, really great guys. Charity certainly has her work cut out for her, but it was, it was a tremendous season.”

The TV personality went on to admit he was “impressed” with the way Charity took on the role of leading lady.

“She’s able to make her own decisions in real-time and she can take ownership of that. She doesn’t lose sight of that,” Jesse said. “And I think that those are things that all sort of play out through her season. I think you just get a chance to really see what makes her so special.”

The Bachelorette's Charity Lawson Claps Back At Fans Who Slammed Her Season As 'Boring'

When discussing what fans can expect in upcoming episodes, Jesse promised that Charity has no tolerance for drama. He even revealed that she will become involved when tension escalates between some of her suitors.

“As soon as she does become aware of [the incidents], she wants to go handle that. Now, she doesn’t want to go do an interview and sit down with a producer and talk about her feelings. She doesn’t want to go ask a bunch of other people what’s going on,” the retired NFL player continued. “She’ll get the name, she’ll go find them. And if there better be a camera there because that’s when it’s going to happen. That’s how Charity is, that’s how she operates and I love it.”