Yikes! Tom Sandoval has experienced more than one cheating scandal in the public eye. The Vanderpump Rules star became a household name because of Scandoval, but Bravo viewers know that the TomTom restaurant cofounder has found himself in hot water more than once.

Keep reading for details on all his cheating scandals, affairs and hookups. 

Did Tom Sandoval Cheat on Kristen Doute?

When Vanderpump Rules premiere on Bravo in 2013, Tom was in a long-term relationship with Kristen Doute, which started in 2007. With various cheating allegations between the two of them, things were constantly on the rocks before their 2013 split. It wasn’t until the second season premiered in 2014 that Tom had actually admitted to cheating on his now-ex while on a trip to Las Vegas.

“[We] hadn’t had sex in three months,” he said at the time, attempting to justify his actions. “You also cringed every time I hugged you.”

Vanderpump Rules season 10
Casey Durkin/Bravo

Throughout their time together, Kristen also accused Tom of cheating with Ariana Madix multiple times. However, he only admitted to kissing her before they started dating.

“Three years ago, me and Ariana made out in a swimming pool at the f—king Golden Nugget. Yes, that did happen,” he also shared during season 2. At that reunion, Tom said he only kissed Ariana after accusing Kristen of having “a three-month affair with another SUR employee.”

Did Tom Sandoval Hookup with Miami Girl?

Amid his relationship with Ariana, which started in 2014, it was rumored that Tom had hooked up Annemarie Maldonado, who was referred to as Miami Girl. This was a storyline throughout Vanderpump Rules season 3. Years later, Tom came clean about what really went down.

“Ariana has always known the truth about Miami Girl,” the budding musician told Scheana Shay during the Vanderpump Rules season 10 finale in May 2023, seemingly confirming the one-night stand. Ariana further explained his admission on Watch What Happens Live that same month.

“They slept together. It was before he and I were exclusive,” she confirmed. “I didn’t want people to think the absolute worst about the man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. So, I defended him.”

Did Tom Sandoval Cheat on Ariana Madix?

Tom and Ariana split after nine years together because he had been cheating on her for seven months with Raquel LevissLife & Style confirmed at the time. Bravo viewers watched Ariana confront Tom about his relationship with the former pageant queen during the season 10 finale.

“Don’t you dare talk to me about a deep connection. I can’t believe you,” Ariana told him. “I regret every moment I stood up for you, defended you, supported you. You are worth nothing and I want you feel that deep in your soul. I want you to hear those words coming from the mouth of the woman who stood by you and loved you and was ready to build the rest of my life around you. Hear my words and know that is how I feel about you. I regret ever loving you.”

Aside from Raquel, the restaurant owner admitted to cheating on Ariana one other time throughout their relationship.

“There was one other time,” he told Scheana. “Yeah [it was a random person]. Well no. … It isn’t fair, I am not going into it.”

Ariana’s Watch What Happens Live appearance from May 2023 also shed some light on his confusing response, with her saying that she had “a guess” about who it might be.

“I’m not entirely sure so I don’t, obviously, want to trash that person. Drag their name through the mud,” Ariana said. “I haven’t spoken to that person in years. … She’s not in the show universe.”