Speaking their truth. Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo answered all the burning questions about their whirlwind romance on Nick Viall‘s “The Viall Files” podcast, released on Tuesday, November 29. The former Bachelor in Paradise star, for her part, revealed whether or not she cheated on ex-fiancé Johnny DePhillipo and why they really broke up.

Before diving into the drama, Victoria, 29, admitted to host, Nick, 42, that her heart was “confused” and “somber” amid the ongoing drama. The Virginia Beach native explained that the “roughest part” about dealing with the public is “seeing things that aren’t true about myself and my character being questioned.”

Victoria explained that she wants to “defend” herself but, at the same time, wants to “be happy.” She added, “It’s just a weird dichotomy.”

Keep reading for the biggest revelations from Victoria and Greg’s “Viall Files” episode. 

Were Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo Dating Before ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Fans were quick to notice that during the Bachelor in Paradise season 8 live finale — where Victoria and Greg confirmed their romance — that the New Jersey native, 29, used the term “rekindled.” While the two were friends before Victoria stepped onto the beach, the pair doubled down on the fact that nothing romantic went on between them.

“After I texted Greg and asked him if he was going on Paradise, we did not hang out at all afterward. It was a couple of texts here and there,” Victoria recalled. “I mean, we had hung out in group settings with you and Natalie. … But there was no plotting and scheming going into Paradise like a lot of couples do.”

Greg, for his part, was always “attracted” to his now-girlfriend, “but we didn’t have anything serious prior at all.” The Bachelor Nation alum explained that he was in an on-and-off relationship with an unnamed woman who lived overseas, so he was in the midst of a “confusing time” and decided to forgo Paradise this time around. However, when Greg’s relationship came to an end, he had Victoria on his mind.

“In the back of my mind, I was like, ‘S–t, I hope she comes back [from Paradise] single,” Greg recalled, noting that Andrew Spencer was the one who broke the news that Victoria and Johnny were engaged.

Did Victoria Fuller Cheat on Johnny? Greg Grippo Drama
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Did Johnny Know About Greg and Victoria’s Friendship?

“I showed nothing but support. I was genuinely happy that she was happy,” Greg admitted. “What was I going to say? … I was just  supportive of her being in this, in my opinion, happy engagement after.”

Victoria went on to say that she, Greg and Johnny “cleared the air” after Paradise because they have “mutual friends.” She explained, “I just wanted everyone to be a cohesive cool unit.”

Why Did Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo Break Up?

Victoria felt like Johnny “wasn’t being fully transparent” with her amid their relationship. They also fought about his relationship on The Bachelorette with Gabby Windey and how Johnny left the show because “he just was not at a place in his life to settle down and be married.” Victoria felt “lied to” by Johnny amid their engagement.

“It’s extremely frustrating and thinking that you know one thing on the beach, and I’m telling somebody exactly what I want and where I’m at in life and then coming off the show. I’m like,’OK, well, this isn’t what we discussed,'” Victoria said, noting that she was questioning who she was engaged to.

In the beginning, they worked on their relationship, even going to therapy. However, “when things get toxic,” admitting that she threw a wine glass during one of their “heated” fights, Victoria decided she didn’t want to stay in that relationship.

“I’m so f–king tired,” Victoria said, through tears, saying that she “never” cheated during her relationship with Johnny. “If I don’t want to be with somebody because it is a toxic environment, I shouldn’t have to be with that person because the world wants me to. At the end of the day, I broke up with him and I’m so sorry that he’s hurting. But like, I’m hurting too. I should be able to move on, and whether it’s f–king three days or a month, like, I should be able to do that.”

When Did Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo Start Dating?

Following her breakup with Johnny, Victoria called Greg at the end of September. The BiP alum went on to explain how she moved on in such a short amount of time.

“I could see how it would be hard for the outside world or viewer, the audience to see me and Johnny engaged one minute and then me dating Greg, the next,” she said. “I think it’s very hard for people to put that together. It’s almost like whiplash.”

At the beginning, Greg was “hesitant” to start anything with Victoria because it wasn’t “good timing.” She further explained the timeline of her and Johnny ending, which led to the beginning of her relationship with Greg.

“So, our first conversation of ‘this is not working and this is completely over’ was August timeframe. Then, another conversation after that at the beginning of September. Then, the last conversation. But, for me, it was over [with Johnny] when I said to him, ‘I can’t do this anymore’ in August and September,” Then, the final conversation where I think he needed to really process if it was over for him, because he just needed extra time to really absorb what was going on, was September 20 right around his birthday. If that clarifies the whole timeline.”

There was three to four weeks between Greg and Victoria’s reconciliation to when they actually started dating during the now-infamous Rome trip.

Are Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo Still Together?

Despite the drama, the Bachelor Nation pair are still going strong, with Greg calling Victoria his “person.”

“What has been the most telling about Greg and I’s relationship is the way that he’s handled this entire situation, from start to finish,” Victoria gushed. “He’s been patient, he’s been understanding. He never pushed anything. He’s always just been so supportive of me and he’s had my back on thousand percent of the time. I just couldn’t ask for a better partner. … He’s just been so great.”

She went on to say that things between them “work” and just “make sense.”