Getting messy! The Bachelor star Zach Shallcross broke his own “no sex” rule during fantasy suite dates with his final three contestants — Ariel FrenkelGabi Elnicki and Kaity BiggarKeep reading for details about his overnight dates.

Who Did Bachelor Zach Shallcross Have Sex With?

The leading man, 26, revealed that he had sex with Gabi, 25, after previously telling his contestants that he would not get intimate with anyone during their fantasy suite dates in Thailand. 

Gabi Elnicki Zach Shallcross Bachelor Fantasy Suite Dates
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Going all the way with Gabi proved to create a lot of awkwardness, specifically with his other finalist, Kaity, 27. Ariel, 28, was later eliminated during the rose ceremony on Monday, March 20.

What Happened During Bachelor Zach Shallcross’ Fantasy Suite Dates?

Ariel received the first overnight date, and the New York City native was shocked by Zach wanting to hold off on having sex. He claimed he got a lot of clarity about their relationship and thought he made the “right decision.” 

“My relationship with Ariel is so much stronger and I have so much more clarity. This was a very important night for us,” Zach said during a private interview. “I came into this week not wanting to involve sex and with Ariel, it was more difficult than I could have ever imagined. But we both agreed on it and it was very important to just have conversations and not have sex involved.”

However, temptation still loomed as Zach headed into his second overnight date with Gabi. The pair grew closer during the day portion of their date after the contestant opened up about infidelity in her previous relationship. She later confessed that she was “falling in love” with Zach.

The two had sex together that night, and the leading man told host Jesse Palmer that he had “guilt” over the situation.

“We both agreed and wanted to have sex together,” he explained to the host. “It was very special, it was important and it was both what we both wanted and needed for the relationship. I feel terrible because, obviously, I’ve gone against my word and I have fears with how Kaity would feel, how would Ariel feel.”

While he said he had “zero regrets” about the “beautiful moment” he shared with the Vermont native behind closed doors, he paid Gabi a visit to let her know that he planned on telling Kaity about their hookup. 

“I do feel like my trust was broken,” Gabi said, admitting she felt “blindsided” by his decision. “I felt like it was between us and now it’s between us and everyone else.”

Zach told Gabi he was “falling in love” with her, despite being “in [his] head” about the situation. “You’re someone who would be awesome to go through life with, too,” he added.

He left things on weird terms with Gabi, and the awkwardness continued when he told Kaity what happened.

“I figured this was a piece [of it] and I get that you wanted to tell me and I know you’re saying it because you respect me, but I could’ve went without hearing that,” Kaity said. “You don’t need to apologize, I get it, it’s part of this journey. I knew that coming into this that this was something that was going to happen. It’s just s—ty to hear it confirmed, to be honest.”

Zach said he could “really see it being us at the end of this,” but Kaity was still “not happy” with the way their date was going. She made it through to the night portion of their date, and the nurse determined they would be able to get through the situation together. They spent the night in the fantasy suite, but it’s unclear if they had sex. 

Does Bachelor Zach Shallcross Get Engaged?

Things were still a bit tense after Zach eliminated Ariel. Kaity acknowledged that she still needed to check a few boxes with Zach before she would feel comfortable getting engaged. 

Who Does Bachelor Zach Sleep With? Breaks 'No Sex' Rule
ABC/Craig Sjodin

As for Gabi, she thought she would be “a lot happier” as one of the final two contestants. In addition, she felt like the awkwardness after her night with Zach was palpable. 

“I feel like I’m wearing a big A on my chest. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling and he’s only making eye contact with Kaity when I feel like I’ve just been put through the ringer here,” she said. “I have questions that I need answered before I can move forward with an engagement.” 

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