Following Travis Kelce‘s third Super Bowl win in February 2024, his most constant companion was best friend Ross Travis. Fans want to know more about him after he accompanied Travis to Australia to meet up with girlfriend Taylor Swift.

What Is Ross Travis’ Job?

Ross is an NFL free agent as of 2024, who was once a teammate of Travis with the Kansas City Chiefs from 2016 through 2017. The two men both play the position of tight end and formed a close bond that has endured through today. Ross joined the team’s practice squad as an undrafted free agent on September 7, 2015, despite never having played collegiate football.

He was waived by the Chiefs in November 2017 and picked up by the Indianapolis Colts. Ross suffered a season-ending ACL injury in August 2018 during a preseason game. He was waived by the team in December 2019, and went on to sign with the Arizona Cardinals and Cleveland Browns, but only remained on their practice squads.

Ross hasn’t played in the NFL since 2021, after being released as a member of the Detroit Lions’ practice squad.

Is Ross Travis Married?

Ross is a single man, which in Travis’ single days before Taylor made for a great wingman. He dated swimsuit model Brit Manuela in 2021, although their romance fizzled out.

How Close Are Ross and Travis?

Watch out Jason Kelce, because Ross could be another brother to Travis. He’s accompanied his best friend on vacations, trips to the Coachella Music Festival and is a constant presence in Travis’ box at Arrowhead Stadium where he cheers on his best pal.

The two men even look alike, as both sport closely cropped hair with stylish beards, not to mention their height. Ross stands one inch taller than Travis at 6-foot-6.

Courtesy of Ross Travis/Instagram

Does Ross Travis Know Taylor Swift?

The pair celebrated Travis’ win in Super Bowl 2024, sharing the same suite at Allegiant Stadium and posing for a photo together. Ross and Taylor also were together watching Travis as he played in the AFC championship game against the Baltimore Ravens on January 28, 2024.

While just how close Ross and Taylor are hasn’t been determined, he was whom Travis selected to fly to Sydney, Australia, with him to join the “Cruel Summer” singer ahead of her four Eras tour dates in the city starting on February 23, 2024.

Ross and Travis first took in a round of golf at Wynn Las Vegas on February 20, before jetting to Sydney on a private plane with a brief refueling stop in Hawaii.

Before touching down, Ross shared a black and white photo on his Instagram Stories looking out the window of the aircraft along the New South Wales coast, writing, “Down Under” across the snapshot. Video taken by local Sydney TV news stations showed Travis and Ross getting off their jet and into an awaiting SUV upon landing on February 21, 2024.