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Braless Queen! TikTok Star Addison Rae Loves Rocking Bold Fashion With No Bra: Photos

Braless queen! Addison Rae loves rocking bold fashions with no bra. The TikTok star has skyrocketed to fame in the past few years, and since entering the spotlight, she has showed she’s here to stay with her fabulous street style and numerous appearances on the red carpet.

Addison, 21, has gone from a typical college student living in Louisiana to an A-list influencer residing in Los Angeles and raking in millions thanks to endorsements, modeling gigs and her own beauty line, Item Beauty. 

“I talk to my mom a lot. Because there’s no rule book for what I’m doing,” the He’s All That actress admitted about finding balance with her newfound fame to Vogue

Surprisingly, Addison’s mom, Sheri Easterling, encouraged her to drop out of college and pursue her dreams on the West Coast once she started picking up traction on TikTok.

“My reaction was probably nothing of the norm and probably not what most would consider as logical,” Sheri reflected to Bustle in April 2021. “I actually encouraged it … I was once a young girl myself with a dream and so I just wanted to [give her the opportunities] I wished I had growing up.”  

The “Obsessed” singer has definitely made her dream a reality. That being said, Addison admitted some people don’t take her “seriously” because of her internet fame.

“People in the industry really do appreciate and admire people that take chances and break that boundary between social media and entertainment in general, but I will say that, from a public standpoint, I think people do tend to find it hard to take people like me seriously,” revealed Addison. “I’m willing to prove how seriously I do take things … It’s something I’m willing to keep working at and hopefully really proving myself to these people.”

Her style has evolved as much as her career. Besides being more mindful of what she wears due to constantly being photographed by the paparazzi or running into fans, there are also far more events that call for her to get dolled up.

“Whenever I try to get dressed up to go somewhere, especially if it’s casual—just going out for a walk or to the store—I try to grab something that kind of contrasts a little bit,” she explained to Vogue. “I haven’t always been into blazers because I am from Louisiana. I used to just go to [dance] practices and school, so I wouldn’t really dress up very much, but now I am doing a lot more, so I do get dressed up.”

While she frequently wears sneakers while out and about, she never shies away from sky-high heels. 

“I’m fine with walking in heels. I don’t really care how far I have to walk in heels. I have a really high pain tolerance,” she continued. “I just think, like, why? Like, why would you do it if you didn’t have to? I’m just used to it because of dance. Dancing kind of trained my feet to be tough. Preferably, I’d rather wear sneakers if I’m going to walk a couple of blocks.”

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