Fed up. Travis Barker‘s teenage daughter, Alabama Barker, clapped back at social media trolls during an Instagram Live session on Thursday, June 3 — and even claimed she was considering leaving the platform altogether.

“Y’all drive people to such high extents and then you’re like, ‘I’m so sorry,'” the 15-year-old told viewers during the since-deleted broadcast. “It’s weird, honestly. I’m at the point where I’m about to deactivate my Instagram account, that’s how fed up I am with people.”

The musician’s youngest child went on to question the best way to shield herself from the constant hate. “How do I even deactivate my s—t, I don’t even know,” she continued. “I’m gonna just go private. I don’t even know what to do, I’m just fed up with people having something to say about me 24/7. Like, it’s old, it’s old, it’s old.”

She also noted that she tries to stay strong, but has difficulty keeping up appearances when people hurl insults her way. “There are certain people that can deal with it and I’m not one of them,” she told her supporters. “I’ve dealt with it my whole life, it’s old.”

Alabama’s viewers also made comments about her voice and the way she dresses, which some social media users view as “too grown” for her age. “Shut up, I can talk if I wanna talk. That s—t is so annoying. Worry about your damn self at this point,” she told the haters.

“This is my voice so do something about it,” she added. “If you have an issue with my voice, leave. If you have an issue with how I dress, leave. I don’t care anymore.”

Courtesy Alabama Barker/Instagram

Alabama also claimed that her haters were directing their attention in the wrong place. “Especially because y’all are hating about something stupid,” she told them during the Live. “There are so many people that are, like, doing awful things and you guys are hating on someone who doesn’t do a damn thing. Do better.”

Travis’ daughter is known for speaking out against criticism. On Tuesday, June 1, she clapped back at a TikTok user who questioned why the drummer wasn’t “regulating” what Alabama wears. “At this point, you are so worried about me, [you’re] dress coding me,” she told the troll.