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‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast Host Alex Cooper’s Hottest Bikini Photos: Swimsuit Pictures

Hosting a podcast and looking good while doing it! Alex Cooper is known as the face of the “Call Her Daddy” brand, but she’s an overall rising star in Hollywood. Other than making headlines with her celebrity interviews, the influencer loves showing the ins and outs of her life with fans on social media.

Known as Father Cooper to listeners, the former Boston University soccer star has created a community of young women — and sometimes men — who look to her as an older sibling. According to an interview with Nylon from June 2022, Alex never denies fans a public interaction with her.

“That’s what my mom always says, ‘Oh, how do you guys know each other,’” she told the publication, referring to listeners who come up and hug her in public. “I know immediately. I’m like, ‘You’re Daddy Gang.’ We don’t even need to communicate. I get it. It’s almost like, where do we begin? We’ve been through s–t.”

While she’s well-known in the public eye, Alex admittedly hates going out.

“I don’t leave my house. I literally don’t,” she said during the same Nylon interview. “I don’t call the paparazzi on myself like some people. I think it’s not healthy. I want to live a normal life and I think that’s why the content can stay the same and I can show up in my sweatpants and my fuzzy socks. I feel like the same person because I treat myself like the same person as that Pennsylvania chick I always was.”

Even though she’s a self-proclaimed homebody at heart, Alex is all about a good vacation. And yes, she has the bikini photos to prove it. While she hasn’t disclosed her workout routine with fans (perhaps, it’s her sports background), the internet star has discussed what she eats in a day at length, noting that there’s “a lot of time to snack” because of her job.

“I’m a very hangry individual and I’m not embarrassed or ashamed by that,” she joked during an October 2022 interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “Thats OK to say, OK.”

We love her for always being real! Scroll through the gallery to see Alex’s best bikini moments over the years.