Haters beware! Amy Schumer said she thinks her looks play a big part in why some internet trolls go so hard on her when she speaks her mind.

“I think they’re mad that I’m not thinner. I think they’re mad I’m not prettier and that I still feel like I have a right to speak,” Amy, 42, explained on the Tuesday, February 20, episode of Amanda Hirsch’s “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast.

The Life & Beth star believes misogyny is the reason so many people feel “very comfortable s–ting on” her.

“I think that they don’t want any woman to speak – I mean, what woman has ever opened her mouth and not been torn to shreds?” Amy mused.

After her long success as a standup comedian followed by a career in TV and film, the Trainwreck star said she was “getting better at navigating” online hate towards her.

“It’s been a long time people have been coming for me. So yeah, it’s just about how I’m feeling about myself,” she told Amanda.

“I could focus on that and it doesn’t feel good when the whole internet’s mad at you,” Amy revealed, although she doesn’t want anyone going what she’s been through. “Don’t get me wrong — it does not feel good and I don’t wish that on anyone if they don’t deserve it.”

The Emmy winner’s comments come on the heels of her clapping back at online trolls who claimed her face looked “puffy and swollen” during a February 14 appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

The following day, Amy took to Instagram and agreed her face looked different, but explained the heartbreaking reason why.

“Thank you so much for everyone’s input about my face! I’ve enjoyed feedback and deliberation about my appearance as all women do for almost 20 years. And you’re right it is puffier than normal right now,” she began.

‘”I have endometriosis an autoimmune disease that every woman should read about. There are some medical and hormonal things going on in my world right now but I’m OK,” Amy continued about her health and changing looks, adding, “I also believe a woman doesn’t need any excuse for her physical appearance and owes no explanation.”

The Netflix queen noted, “I wanted to take the opportunity to advocate for self-love and acceptance of the skin you’re in. Like every other women/person some days I feel confident and good as hell and others I want to put a bag over my head.”

Over the years, Amy has confessed to getting both plastic surgery and cosmetic work done. In 2021, she shared a photo showing how she was getting cheek fillers dissolved after claiming they made her look like the Disney villain Maleficent. The New York native also shared a video that year of how she underwent the fat-freezing treatment Coolsculpting under her chin.

Amy’s biggest revelation came in January 2022, when she told fans she underwent liposuction to her stomach and lower abdomen. It came two months ahead of her cohosting the Oscars and she wanted to be upfront about her appearance.

In an Instagram photo showing off her new figure in a black swimsuit, Amy wrote that she “never thought” she “would do anything” such as lipo, “But talk to me after your uterus doesn’t contract for 2.5 years and you turn 40.” Amy had her uterus removed in September 2021 to help end her pain from endometriosis.

She later told pal Chelsea Handler during her ​”Dear Chelsea” podcast in March 2022, “I just wanted to say that, because if anybody sees me in pictures or anything and they’re like, she looks thinner, and whatever: it’s because I had a surgery … and I just want to be real about it.”