We’re hoping for love! Sheridan Reed and Julia Rae instantly clicked during week 1 of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. However, they’ve already hit a few obstacles along the way. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed that the two will make beautiful music together, but will they even make it to the finale? Keep reading to find out. Caution: Spoilers about Listen to Your Heart are below. Do not keep reading if you don’t want to know what happens!

Julia, 27, is a Philadelphia native, pop singer and former beauty queen who caught the eye of a lot of guys when she first arrived at the Bachelor mansion. Sheridan’s long hair and smooth soul-pop sound definitely piqued the blonde beauty’s interest right off the bat. However, she fell into a love triangle with the Austin native and Josh Hester, a singing Uber driver from Nashville. She was extremely confused over who she felt stronger for, but Sheridan, 27, performed an original song he wrote for her that brought her to tears. They kissed and she gave him a rose during the following elimination ceremony.

Sheridan and Julia on Bachelor Listen to Your Heart

While they seemed like a perfect couple, Julia then started crushing on Brandon Mills, a former Marine and folk pop artist from Nashville. This is where things get complicated. Brandon, 34, also had strong feelings for Savannah McKinley, a fellow Music City resident and pop singer. Julia was obviously peeved by Brandon’s interest for the 25-year-old, and she came clean about her feelings to a reluctant Sheridan. During the second elimination ceremony, Brandon gave his rose to Savannah while Sheridan decided to keep exploring things with Julia. However, Brandon later told the former beauty queen that he was keeping his options open and wanted to keep getting to know her — which, um, screams trouble in the reality TV world.  

So, will Sheridan and Julia make it all the way? Sadly, they are not in the final two couples, according to Reality Steve. The finale comes down to Trevor Holmes and Jamie Gabrielle and Chris Watson and Bri Stauss. This means Julia and Sheridan will break up somewhere along the way. Sigh, another one bites the dust in Bachelor Nation.

Although we’ll be sad to see their uncoupling, we can’t wait to see how this season plays out for all the contestants!