Travis Kelce’s connection to Taylor Swift famously began when he tried, and failed, to give her his phone number on a friendship bracelet at one of her Eras tour shows. But was their fan-favorite relationship also written in the stars? Here’s what astrology has to say about the compatibility of their zodiac signs and strength of their romance.

What Is Taylor Swift’s Zodiac Sign?

Taylor, born on December 13, 1989, in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, is a Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon.

A person with a Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon often feels that their life is moving fast. They are ​free spirits looking for adventure and thrill, and may roam from place to place or job to job. Their enthusiasm and zest for life is more important to these vagabonds than financial security – which shouldn’t be a problem for Taylor anyway, as she just hit billionaire status.

These people also like to stand out from the crowd in appearance and, yes, style. A pretty spot-on description of the touring pop superstar!

What Is Travis Kelce’s Zodiac Sign?

Travis, born on October 5, 1989, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, is a Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon.

Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moons are often driven by their emotions, and are known to be delicate, refined and charming. While they have a strong sense of independence, they are sensitive to the way others perceive them. However, they do not let what others think change their thoughts or behavior: they have their own feelings and opinions about everything that happens around them. Libras are known to be kind and helpful, and people often seek their help and advice for life’s problems.

Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moons are also known to wait patiently for something they really want. This checks out with Travis, who made the first bold, yet sweet move on Taylor.

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Zodiac Signs Compatible?

As it turns out, the Grammy winner and Super Bowl MVP’s astrological connection suggests major compatibility between them.

One of the best astrological signs that a couple is compatible is when one person’s Sun is in the same sign as the other person’s Moon. This is the case for the Taylor and Travis, who are a Sagittarius Sun and Sagittarius Moon, respectively.

The Sun represents a person’s will and determination, while the Moon commands one’s innermost beliefs, memories, sources of happiness and emotional nature.

The duo’s Sun signs harmonize through a sextile, meaning they are within 60 degrees of each other. This creates a fun and relaxed relationship.

Will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship Last?

When the Sun and Moon link up in two charts, it creates a strong bond. What Travis feels, Taylor expresses, which allows for open discussion and emotional intimacy between the two – both key components of a happy, long-lasting relationship.

While Taylor’s fiery Sagittarius Sun creates red-hot passion, Travis’ airy Libra Sun veers toward balance. Air and fire Sun signs tend to get along well, as they keep things playful and light and stay away from drama.

Both Taylor and Travis can use their positive outlooks on life to learn from each other and grow together.