It turns out, Hannah Godwin can’t wait for Hannah Brown‘s season. Fans of the former Bachelor contestant were left feeling salty when she didn’t end up with Colton Underwood and was overlooked to become the next Bachelorette. However, she thinks her fellow reality star will make a great lead.

“I’m really excited to watch her,” the Instagram influencer said about the Alabama native while on the red carpet for the iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 14. “I know she’s ready to find a guy and settle down and she just has such a good heart and amazing facial expressions.” There is no denying that Hannah B. will certainly bring a lot more roaring than we’ve ever seen before.

Hannah Brown the bachelor roar

She was sure to note, “It’s gonna be a good season and I will absolutely be tuning in.” One piece of good news that Hannah G. shared about the new Bachelorette is that she’s “exactly who she is on TV.” The blonde beauty explained, “She’s fearless, she’s not afraid to hold back and she wears her heart on her sleeve.”

Viewers loved how authentic and genuine Hannah B. was during her run on the show and her pals from filming adore her for the same reasons. “I want to channel that more, I want to channel my Hannah B.,” the starlet gushed.

As far as her time on the show, Hannah G. is happy the way things turned out. “Maybe I wouldn’t rap. No, but really, no regrets,” she divulged about if there was anything she would do differently on the show. “Everything happens for a reason and I know I went in just being myself … and I stay away from drama, which I was proud about. And, stayed in my own lane and focused on my relationship. So, I left, at least on my part, knowing that I never held back.”

Hannah G and Colton Underwood
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The model is busy “being in the moment” and admits that she’s also open to the idea of finding love. “Living life and not having to re-watch a relationship that ended a while ago every Monday,” she dished about what she’s currently up to in her day to day life. “And maybe move forward and maybe spark another relationship in the future.”

We know any guy would be lucky to end up with this class act!