A tragic loss. Bachelorette contestant Erich Schwer’s dad, Allan, died after his hometown date with Gabby Windey.

“Thankful for everything you’ve done for me. We are gonna miss the hell out of you, Big AL. I love you so much, dad,” Erich wrote in a touching tribute to his father, which included two photos, via Instagram on July 9, just two days before the season 19 premiere. 

ERICH The Bachelorette
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Fans got to see Allan’s special bond with Erich, 29, during his hometown date with Gabby, 31, in New Jersey during the Monday, August 22, episode. The contestant’s father, who was diagnosed with cancer years earlier, bonded with the nurse after sharing that he had spent 40 days in the ICU with appendiceal cancer. 

“But I’m still here. I’m happy. I’m positive, so that’s good,” Allan told Gabby, who expressed her appreciation for allowing cameras into their home at the time. “I really admire the ICU nurses. They’re so sharp.”

Allan continued, “I already went through three rounds of chemo. The first two did nothing. And the third one almost killed me.”

GABBY WINDEY, ERICH One on One Date Week 3
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Erich was floored when his dad approved of the former Denver Broncos cheerleader. “My dad really liked Gabby, which is a huge sign for me,” he gushed.

He also told his mom that he hopes to have a marriage as strong as she did with his father. “Seeing how undyingly you love him and everything you’ve done for him up to this point, it’s like, I’ve kind of modeled what I want after the bond you and Dad have,” he said.

However, his mother warned that he shouldn’t take any commitment “lightly,” whether he decides to propose to Gabby or not during the finale, adding, “We marry for life.”

Erich’s mom doubled-down on her concern while speaking to the Bachelorette. “I just want to make sure that you guys, if you decide anything, that commitment in my family is really important,” she said. “We don’t give up on each other.”

After her evening spent in New Jersey with the Schwer family, Gabby said seeing Erich with his lovely brood “made my feelings so much deeper for him.”

The love was definitely mutual. “I am really falling for you, Gabby,” Erich said before parting ways with the Denver resident. “I think now I might even be falling in love with you.”

Gabby surprisingly returned the sentiment. “I think I’ve like always wanted to be with someone like you but just never knew if it was possible,” she said. “But like, after today I do finally feel comfortable in saying that I am falling in love with you.”

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