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‘Selling Sunset’ Alum Christine Quinn Has a Banging Body! See Her Hottest Bikini Pictures

Malibu Barbie! Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn was made to live in a bikini. From sailing the Bali Sea in a private yacht to soaking up the Italian sun, the realtor finds any excuse to strut her Sports Illustrated-ready body.

The reality personality loves fashion just as much as she loves her career and that includes her endless collection of swimsuits. Christine gave birth to her son, Christian, in May 2020, and her body bounced back faster than a quarter hitting her abs.

Be like the ocean,” she captioned her August 2021 picture dipping her toe in the ocean while on an Italian vacation. “Breathtaking to look at, strong enough to not be destroyed, and gentle enough so others find comfort in your presence.”

The How To Be a Boss Ass Bitch author exudes confidence through her looks, demeanor and work ethic. While her approach may come off as intimidating to others, Christine just knows that she really is that girl. During an October 2021 interview with Glamour, the Netflix star revealed that she turned people’s doubt into “fire,” which led her to be the confident queen she is today.

“I, you know, came from a very small town, and I was told ‘No,’ and I was told, ‘Things aren’t possible,’ but I knew inside that I had fire and ambition, so I used people’s power and fire and intuition.”

While she may come across as if she doesn’t have insecurities, she’s a human just like the rest of us, so she sometimes has those moments of self-doubt. However, when she finds herself in those instances, she reminds herself of all the beautiful things she’s surrounded by in her life, like her son and husband Christian Richard

“It’s really important to never compare yourself to other people because you’re so special and you’re so individual,” she said. “I know it’s so hard … I live in a city of beautiful women walking down the street every day and it’s so hard and, you know, I’m like ‘Why don’t I look like this?’”

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