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Cynthia Nixon Has Had an Amazing Career But Has She Had Plastic Surgery? See Her Transformation

Sex and the City alum turned politician and activist Cynthia Nixon has had quite a storied career. She has worked as an actress since 1980 and went through several phases over the years but has she ever undergone plastic surgery?

Her looks have hardly changed over the years, and Cynthia appears to be aging gracefully. She’s never commented on getting work done, but she has shot down rumors about the subject.

After a New York publication reported in June 2008 that she had undergone breast enhancement surgery, “I was at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital for my ‘three-monthly’ checkup,” the breast-cancer survivor told the New York Daily News. “I was in the oncology department. I guess they think that means ‘plastic surgery,'” she quipped.

“We got a call asking if I’d had breast augmentation, and my publicist laughed at them and said, ‘No, of course not.’ But they printed it anyway. If I was going to get a boob job, wouldn’t it make sense that I’d get it before Sex and the City?” she said, referring to her numerous topless scenes on the HBO show.

“Yes, I had breast cancer, but I had a lumpectomy. Some women have reconstructive surgery, but mine did not merit that,” the Emmy winner added, saying, “The story was totally false. It would be annoying and disheartening in any case, but particularly because I’ve been so open about my breast cancer.” She was diagnosed in 2006 and underwent six and a half weeks of radiation therapy following her lumpectomy.

Cynthia has battled the inflammatory skin condition rosacea, which causes rash-like reddened skin often on one’s nose and cheeks. “I had my rosacea diagnosed about five years ago, and it made such a difference in my life,” she told Marie Claire in an April 2022 interview. Prior to her diagnosis, she mistakenly thought her facial issues were acne related. “Everything I was doing to try to improve my skin was really exacerbating the problem,” she explained.

Now the And Just Like That… star limits such things as spicy foods and red wine to help keep rosacea breakouts at bay while drinking plenty of water. Cynthia has also changed her skincare routine. “I do spend a lot of time moisturizing with creams and also with oils. And I carry stuff with me during the day to make sure my skin stays hydrated,” she told the publication.

Cynthia also goes easy on treating her facial skin. “I wash my face once at night and that’s it. I’ve gone from kind of giving my skin a workout to kind of treating my skin more like a princess that needs to be pampered,” she explained.

Scroll down to see photos of Cynthia’s transformation over the years.